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Add or Edit User Profile (User Manager Only)

WebPT EMR Users with User Manager permissions can create, copy, or edit user profiles for their clinics. All user profiles include Profile Picture, Profile Details, Profile Permissions, and Clinic access. Therapist and Assistant profiles also have space for a Therapist's Signature

Profile Features:
  • Note on Permissions: If certain permissions are grayed out and you cannot select them, please contact Support.
  • Note on User Types: If you need to change a User Type, please contact Support. Changing certain user types will cause problems with the profile. Click here to learn more about User Types.
  • A Note for WebPT Billing Clinics: Before entering a new provider in the WebPT EMR, confirm that the provider is not already in the system in another location, under a previous name, or login. Adding duplicate providers creates issues for the front office, billing, and reporting. If you have confirmed that the provider is not in WebPT, please add the provider in WebPT. If you are RevServe or RevEquip, email edi.help@webpt.com with your new provider information. If you are Self-Service, you'll need to perform an additional setup in Billing after the provider flows in via the Incomplete Constants report.

Follow the steps below to search, edit, or add a new user.

  1. Click your clinic name (Clinic drop-down) in the upper right corner, and select User Manager.
  2. Enter any or all details for the User: Type, Status, Name, or Username in the User Search to find the user that needs to be added or updated.

  3. Click the Edit link and make the necessary changes.
  4. If you are not able to locate the User, select Add New User from the center of the page.
  5. Complete the required user information on the Add User screen.

    Note: Billing User Type profiles can only be edited from their default clinic location.
  6. Then Add Profile Permissions and Clinics. Learn more about User Permissions or adding Clinic Locations.

  7. Or Copy the user permissions.

  8. Click Save User, when finished.

Profile Picture

To include a photo that will be visible only inside the user profile, click on Upload Profile Picture, browse to select the file and click Open. You can remove the photo at any time using the Remove Photo button.

Important: The picture must be less than 1MB and a perfect square(i.e. 300px by 300px). If the profile picture is not square, you won't be able to save the user.


Usernames cannot contain spaces or commas. Additionally, email addresses may be used as a username, however, the email address in the username field must match the email address in the email address field.


  1. Click your clinic name in the upper right corner, and select User Manager.
  2. Find the user that needs to be updated and click the Edit link.
  3. To set or reset a user’s password, enter the password in the Password section. 
  4. When you type in the password, the requirements will be displayed and you will be able to save it when they are met. You are required to create a strong password. If the password strength says "Good" you won't be able to save the user. The more complex the password is, the more security it provides for your account information.
  5. Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password field. This field will turn red if the passwords do not match.
  6. When the password meets the requirements and matches, click Save User.

Alternatively, click Send Reset Email to send the instructions to the email address listed in the profile.Profile Details

Profile details vary depending on user type. Select User Type first to see all fields and which are required.

Note: When creating a user profile, the status default is Active. If you do not have a WebPT user license available, the profile will be saved as Inactive. You can then request a license adjustment and when you have a license available, change the status to Active.

Profile Permissions

Click here for details on user permissions.


Click on the Clinic(s) drop-down, and select the new clinic locations. The clinic name will appear in the list of clinics the user has access to. Learn more about adding a clinic location to a user profile.

Therapist Signature

Click here for instructions on loading a signature.

Resolve 'Error when saving profile'

'Error when saving profile,' is usually due to typographical errors. We recommend the following to resolve the error.

  • Create a Strong password that contains at least 8 characters, 1 number, 1 special character, and both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Use Auto Password Reset.
  • Verify the Username and Email are unique.
  • Verify the License number and NPI number are correct.
    • If you do not have the user's NPI, please use 9999999995 as a placeholder NPI.
    • If you do not have the user's License #, please use 00000 as a placeholder License #.
  • Verify at least 1 permission and clinic are added to the profile.

Editing a User

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