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Reset User Passwords (User Manager Only)

Users with User Manager permissions can manage all WebPT user profiles including Reset Passwords. 

  • Note on Permissions: If certain permissions are grayed out and you cannot select them, please contact Support.
  • Note on User Types: If you need to change a User Type, please contact Support. Changing certain user types will cause problems with the profile.
  1. Click your clinic name in the upper right corner, and select User Manager.
  2. Find the user that needs to be updated and click the Edit link.
  3. To reset a user’s password, enter the new password in the Password section. 
  4. When you type in the password, the requirements will be displayed and you will be able to save it when they are met. You are required to create a strong password. If the password strength says "Good" you won't be able to save the user. The more complex the password is, the more security it provides for your account information.
  5. Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password field. This field will turn red if the passwords do not match.
  6. When the password meets the requirements and matches, click Save User.
  7. Alternatively, click Send Reset Email to send the instructions to the email address listed in the profile.
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