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WebPT EMR User Types

In the WebPT EMR, you’ll find User Types located in the WebPT EMR User Profile. User Types are required and usually determined by the type of work the user performs, will provide the User with a default set of Profile Permissions, and determine which CPT codes populate on the billing sheet. Each User Type has a different set of default permissions depending on the User Type chosen in the User Profile. If the User Type you're looking for is unavailable, select the User Type that most aligns with the permission set needed for the user. CPT codes will populate based on the User Type, keep in mind these users may need to use manual CPT codes to bill for appropriate services.

  • When adding a new user the User Type will default to PT, be sure to update this if necessary.
  • For Members needing to change a User Type, please contact Support. Changing certain user types will cause problems with the profile.

Profile Permissions (User Permissions) are also located in the WebPT User Profile. Profile Permissions allow a user to access certain features and perform certain functions within the WebPT EMR.

User Types

You can choose from the supported User Types based on the role the user fits in your clinic: Therapist, Assistant, Clerical, or Student. The table below shows the different Profile Permissions assigned to the supported User Types. If you find the role or User Type does not fit one of the specific User Types listed you can choose the User Type based on the type of Profile Permissions (User Permissions) the User Type may provide for the user, you will also need to consider whether or not the User Type contains the ability to bill for services, create notes and the type of provider licensing the User Type requires.

Profile Permission Therapist
(Front Office and Billing staff)

View Patients ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Edit Patients ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Start SOAP Notes ✓ ✓ ✓
Forward SOAP Notes ✓ ✓
Finish SOAP Notes ✓
Delete Patient Transactions ✓
Note: Billing User Type profiles can only be edited from their default clinic location.

User Type Definitions

Use the definition table below if you are not familiar with the listed User Types in the WebPT EMR.

Therapist User Types Clerical User Types Assistant User Types Student User Types
PT - Physical Therapist Clerical - Front Office           PTA - Physical Therapist Assistant SPT - Student Physical Therapist 
OT - Occupational Therapist Billing - Billing COTA - Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant    SOT - Student Occupational Therapist
SLP - Speech-Language Pathologist       
SSLP - Student Speech-Language Pathologist
ATC -  Athletic Trainer RTT - Respiratory Therapist Tech Students
DC - Doctor of Chiropractic SLPA - Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

RT - Respiratory Therapist

User Permissions

Click here for information on managing user permissions. Users with User Manager permissions can manage permissions for all users.

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