Add Clinic Location to a User Profile

Users with User Manager permissions can add clinic locations to other WebPT user profiles. However, you can only provide access to clinic locations that you also have access to. For example, if your company has three clinics, Bethesda, DC, and Arlington, and you have access to DC and Bethesda, you cannot provide access to the Arlington clinic.

  1. Select your clinic name in the upper right corner of WebPT select User Manager.
  2. Find the user that needs to be updated and click the Edit link.
  3. In the Profile Permissions section, click on the Clinic(s) drop-down, and select the new clinic location(s). The clinic name will appear in the list of clinics the user has access to.
  4. Click Save User.                                                                                     

Note: Once a location has been added to a profile, it cannot be removed. 

Switching Clinic Locations

To change which clinic you're currently logged into, click on the Clinics: drop-down menu and select the clinic location you want to view. The clinic you're currently logged into will be highlighted in blue.