WebPT + Revflow: Quick Info

There are a lot of things to remember when you’re beginning to use WebPT + RevFlow. In this article, you’ll find some tips that will help you get the most out of the integration.

Required Information

As you add patients in the WebPT EMR, remember:

  • Referring Physician address fields longer than 32 characters are truncated
  • Only the Primary patient address and phone number are transmitted
  • If an Authorization is required, you must indicate this on the patient’s case.
  • If the KX modifier is needed, you’ll need to select the KX radio button from the Apply Modifier section of the patient’s case. If this is not done, it will need to be manually added using the Charge Audit screen in RevFlow.
  • Emergency Contact information does not import from the WebPT EMR. Use the Emergency Contact tab in RevFlow to add that information.

For more information, please see: Required Patient Information.


Account Notes are a convenient way to communicate information about a patient.

Patient Payments/Copays

All patient payments, including copays, supplies, and miscellaneous fees, should be entered into the WebPT EMR and allowed to flow into RevFlow. This is true for both insurance and Self Pay cases.

Self Pay Cases & Custom Supply Codes

If you will be billing a patient directly, add the Self Pay insurance to the case in the WebPT EMR. Non-CPT codes can also be used to bill for supplies purchased during a visit. You will be able to document and use Custom CPT codes to charge amounts that differ from the comparative CPT codes.

For more information, please see: Custom Codes.

Medical Records & Fees

To bill your patients for various non-CPT charges, such as a fee for a missed appointment, manually add the charges to a Self Pay case in RevFlow. The payments for these charges will need to be entered into the WebPT EMR.

DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

Billing for DME requires the Place of Service to be set as Home (12). To accomplish this, you will need to have a separate clinic location added to your EMR database. If this location was not set up during the onboarding process, contact your CSR.

Additionally, the DME clinic location will need to be added to each patient that receives these supplies. For more information, please see: Treat Patient at More than One Clinic.

Verify Charge Import


Part of your daily workflow is to verify that all charges have imported successfully into RevFlow. This is done using the Claims Feed Report in the WebPT EMR. All financial entries should show Transmission Successful.

For more information, please see: Claims Feed Report.


Patient, case, and charge information that rejects because of incorrect or missing information displays on the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary in RevFlow. You must fix all rejection errors daily, or your claims cannot be billed.

For more information, please see: Rejection Summary.

Charge Audit

After charges appear in RevFlow, they are available for review on the Charge Audit report. This report should be reviewed daily and charges should be released daily. You have the option of setting the number of days that charges are held in this queue before being automatically released and billed.

For more information, please see: Charge Audit Report.

Medicare Therapy Threshold

There are two Therapy Cap Reports that can assist in tracking the threshold estimates for your patients.

  • Exceeds Medicare Allowable: Displays patients that have exceeded the threshold.
  • Under Cap Summary: Displays patients that have not met the threshold.

Changing Insurance Mid-Treatment

When a patient changes insurance mid-treatment, it is important that a new case is created so that information flows into RevFlow correctly.

For more information, please see: Changing Insurance Mid-Treatment.

Balancing Visits

It is recommended that you balance your visits between the two systems on a daily basis. This will help ensure that you are billing for all of your visits.

For more information, please see: Balancing Visits.

Claim Delay

The system scrubs all charges to look for various errors. If it is determined that a charge is missing vital information for billing, it is placed in the Claim Delay Queue.

To display the report, open the Reports menu, followed by Audit Reports, and select Charge Claim Delay Summary.

Once the missing information is obtained, submit the data to updates@webpt.com. Your CSR will update the information and release the charge from the report.

Tip: You can manually place charges on Claim Delay using the Charge Audit screen if you don’t want to bill specific charges.

Updates & EDI

There are designated email addresses for you to contact when updates or corrections need to be made on patient accounts or to your RevFlow database. The following is a list of updates and questions and where they should be sent. If you are unsure of where to send a specific inquiry, contact your Customer Service Rep and they will route it appropriately.

For more information, please see: Updates & EDI.


For common problems and solutions, please see: Troubleshooting.

RevFlow Support

For questions regarding RevFlow, system errors, training, or enhancements requests, please send an email to RevFlowSupport@webpt.com.

WebPT EMR Support

For questions regarding the WebPT EMR, please email support@webpt.com.