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Adding an Addendum (SOAP 2.0)

You can addend notes signed/finalized by other users as long as they are in the same discipline. Signature visibility is capped at three: This will reflect the most recent addending therapist, the cosigner, and the original therapist. If there are no cosigners, you will only see two signatures: the most recent addender and the original signer. SOAP 1.0 users, click here for instructions on how to add an addendum.


How to Addend a Note

Adding an addendum allows you to make changes to a previously finalized note. 

  1. From the patient’s Record, open the note by selecting the Date of Service.
  2. Click the (1)  (...) and select (2) Addend.
  3. Hover over a subsection and click Edit.
  4. If the field contains data, the standard carry-forward view will display. Click into the subsection to make updates.
  5. Click Done at the bottom of the subsection when complete.
  6. Once your changes are complete, click Sign.
  7. You will be prompted to enter a (1) Addendum Reason, determine whether you want to (2) Re-bill for this visit (billing integrations only), and click (3) Apply.
    Note: This reason entered is internal only and will not be visible on the documentation shared with referring physicians, or in your billing software.
  8. Previous versions of the note can always be referenced in the top-left corner and will have an Addended watermark on the note.
  9. On the patient’s Record page, the note will also have an Addended label and date in the Notes table.

  Remember: Only the most recently finalized version of a note is available for printing or faxing.

How to Forward an Addendum

If a co-signature is required after the original note has been finalized, you are now able to forward the note as an addendum. Forwarding an addendum allows you to add a co-signature to a previously finalized note.

  1. From the patient’s Record, open the note by selecting the Date of Service.
  2. Click the (1) [...] and select (2) Addend.
  3. Click the (1) [...] and select (2) Forward.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select the therapist and select Apply.
  5. Once forwarded, the addendum will appear on the signing therapist’s Incomplete Cosign Docs worklist.

How to Add Content to an Addendum

If you want to add subsections after the original note has been finalized, you are now able to add content to the addendum. 

  1. From the patient’s record, click the Date of Service to open the note.
  2. Click the (...) then select Addend.
  3. Click the (...) then select Add Content.
  4. This opens the Content Drawer on the right side of the page.
  5. Use the search bar and the drop-down menu in the Eval/Note Profile to add Profiles to the note. You can add multiple Company and WebPT Profiles by selecting the checkbox(es). To learn more about profiles click here.
  6. You can add additional subsections to the note using key terms or phrases to the Search Content field. The search displays all subsections containing the key term. To add the desired subsections select the corresponding checkbox. Note: Subsections cannot be removed once they have been added.
  7. Click Apply to add the Profile(s)and subsections to the note. An alert at the bottom of the page will confirm your recent selections.
  8. The added profile and subsections will carry forward to subsequent notes after a note has been signed.
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