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Quick Add Patient

Use the Quick Add Patient form to add a patient with as little or as much information as you have and get them scheduled for an appointment. Coupled with the Prevent Note Finalization functionality for WebPT Billing and Therabill Members, Quick Add is an excellent option for rapid patient creation without negatively impacting billing.

When adding a patient using the Quick Add form, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*).
  • "Required for billing" fields are recommended to ensure accurate billing; however, they are not required to Quick Add within the EMR. 
  • The form is optimized for keyboard controls. You can use the Tab key to move forward, Shift + Tab to move backward, and use the Arrow keys and Enter button to select items in drop-downs.

Quick Add A Patient

  1. Click Quick Add Patient, located under the Patient Manager.
  2. Complete all required fields indicated by a red asterisk (*). Required fields include First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Primary Contact Number, Primary Insurance, and Referring Physician.
    1. Billing users: We recommend completing the “Required for billing” fields to complete the patient intake for billing. 
  3. To add Guardian information, check the Use Habilitative Profile? box this also enables the pediatrics note template. 
  4. When you enter information in Address 1, the City, State/Province, and Postal Code (5 or 7 digits) become required fields. 
    Note: Please do not use periods in Address 1.
  5. Add at least one phone number (Home or Mobile) using the Primary Contact drop-down.
    Note: When adding appointment reminders, we recommend selecting reminders for only one contact method.
  6. Add the Case Title and Related Cause to satisfy billing requirements.  
    Note: If the Case Title is left blank, the new case will be titled “Default.” 
  7. When the patient’s Primary Insurance is added and you uncheck Is Guarantor, additional Guarantor fields (1) will display. If you select any Insured Party other than “Self”, additional Insured Party fields (2) will display.
    1. When selecting a Medicare insurance type, the Policy Subscriber ID field is renamed Medicare Beneficiary Identifier.
  8. Add any required Authorizations by selecting the Yes radio button.
     Note: Authorizations will only apply to the Primary insurance
  9. Add a Secondary Insurance by selecting the Yes radio button.
  10. When the Require referrals to be collected for every patient setting is enabled, the Marketing Referral Contact field will be required when you select No for Referred by Physician.
  11. The Clinic(s) and Primary Treatment Clinic will display your default Clinics. The Place of Service field will be available when the related Clinic Setting is turned On. This allows you to identify where the patient is being treated and defaults to the Place of Service set in the Clinic Settings.
  12. Select Yes to add Prescription Information including start and end dates, alerts, frequency, and duration.
  13. If your organization uses eDoc, you can upload one related document to the patient record using the Browse button. You can also check the Signed Document checkbox to include information like Expiration Date.
    1. Document Type: The uploaded document is assigned to the case being created in the Quick Add Patient entry. 
      Note: When the Document Type is a Driver’s License, insurance card, or Past Medical History, the document is assigned to all cases created for the patient.
  14. Use one of the Save options, to save the patient. If you don't want to save the patient, simply close the window.
    1. Save and New: Save the patient and clear the form to add another patient. 
    2. Save and Schedule: Save the patient and open the scheduler to create an appointment. 
    3. Save and Go to Chart: Save the patient and open their chart. This is helpful if you’d like to add additional eDocs or notes.
    4. Save and Done: Saves the patient and closes the Quick Add window.
  15. Any patients with incomplete patient profiles will appear in the Incomplete Patient Records section of the At a Glance alerts.
    Remember: WebPT Billing and Therabill Members can't finalize documentation until the patient record is completed. Other Members can choose to enable/disable the Prevent Note Finalization setting based on their needs.
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