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Add an Addendum (SOAP 1.0)

There may be occasions when a patient document is finalized but the therapist forgot to add a piece of information or made a mistake and needs to update or Addend the note. Common reasons for changing or addending a note include adding an additional charge code, updating units, and changing the date of service. SOAP 2.0 users, click here for instructions on how to add an addendum.

For more information on when to complete an addendum, see Addendum Scenarios.

Addend a Note

The proper way to correct a note is to add an addendum to the finalized document. Just like paper documentation, patient records  cannot be deleted. An addendum must be added to the note to make any needed corrections.

Note: If you are addending an evaluative note (Initial Evaluation, Progress Note/Recert, Discharge Summary), you must complete the addendum on the evaluative note itself, not the associated Daily Note.
  1. From the patient record, select the note you wish to modify and select Add Addendum from the Note Action drop-down.
  2. Click the play button.                   
  3. In the note, change any information as needed.
  4. Click Finalize the note, Finalize & Rebill, or Forward it for a co-signature.
     The Addendum will show up in the patient record.     
Important: Do not addend notes finalized prior to the most recent evaluative note (i.e. initial examinations, progress notes, or re-examinations) this ensures your note information pulls forward correctly. If you need to addend beyond the most recent evaluative note, please contact WebPT Support for help.

Forward an Addendum

When an unfinalized note or Addendum requires a co-signature, follow these steps.

  1. From the patient record, open the note that needs a co-signature and choose Add Addendum from the Note Action drop-down.
  2.  Select the Plan tab for Daily Notes or the Billing tab for evaluative notes.
  3. Select the desired therapist from the Therapist drop-down list at the bottom of the page. Notes can only be forwarded to a PT-type user (PT, OT, or SLP). Read more about WebPT EMR User Types.
  4. Click the corresponding  Forward Daily Note to or Forward Progress Note to button.
  5. Once forwarded, the addendum will appear in the Incomplete Cosign Docs section of the At a Glance alerts on the EMR Dashboard for the signing therapist’s worklist.

Addend a Note After the Case is Discharged

To addend a note on a discharged case, you'll need to follow this process for re-opening the case.

Can I Delete an Addendum? 

Just like paper documentation, patient records cannot be deleted from WebPT, this includes addenda. You do have the option to add multiple addenda. In the figure below you can see multiple addenda have been added to a patient's chart to make corrections.

Accidental or Duplicate Notes

For accidental notes or duplicate notes, you can simply add an addendum and check the  No Charge box on the Billing tab. This will remove the duplicate or accidental note from the case's visit count.

Note: Please allow up to 7 days for the visit count to update or contact support for a more immediate update.

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