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No Charge Documentation in SOAP 2.0

Located in the Charge Summary, the Do Not Bill checkbox allows you to finalize a note without CPT codes attached. This will prevent notes from flowing into your integrated billing application (including WebPT Billing and Therabill). 

Note: The NORCM code can only be used in SOAP 1.0. Members using SOAP 2.0 must use the Do Not Bill option.

The No Charges this Visit option has been replaced by the Do Not Bill checkbox in SOAP 2.0 shown below.
  • This checkbox is commonly used for Placeholder Initial Evaluations.
  • Once this option is selected, the transmission is prevented from going into WebPT Billing and no document/transaction item appears in the Claims Feed Report.
  • There is no reporting available for notes that are marked as Do Not Bill in the WebPT EMR Analytics or WebPT Billing. 
  • This method should be used when:
    • You don't want this note to count as a visit (ensures alignment with prescribed/authorized visit use)
    • You don't need to satisfy the Progress Note Needed alert
    • You don't want to document or report on the treatment provided

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