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Billing Integrations: Patient Name Change

When a patient changes their name mid-treatment, you will want to update their name in the WebPT EMR. However, make sure that the patient has already changed their name with their insurance provider as well. Otherwise, you can receive rejections when you bill the insurance provider with the newly updated name if it doesn’t match what the insurance provider has on file.

Note: If you’re a clinic that is integrated with WebPT Billing or RevFlow, then you will have to create a new patient chart in the EMR. 

Update Patient Name

Let’s review how to update a patient’s name in the EMR. Remember, you must create a new patient if you are integrated with WebPT Billing.

  1. Navigate to the Patient Manager and select Display Patients.

  2. Use the Patient Search fields to narrow down your search results to the appropriate patient. Then, click Search.

    Note: If you do not enter any criteria into the patient search fields, then you can just click Search All to display all patients
  3. The patient match-list will display below Patient Search.

  4. Once you’ve located the appropriate patient, click Edit.

  5. In the Patient Info section, click Edit.

  6. Now, you can update the patient’s first and last name.

  7. Once the changes have been made, click Save Patient at the bottom of the screen.

Therabill Integration 

If you are integrated with Therabill, any updates to the patient name in the EMR will automatically update in Therabill.

Note: If the patient has not updated their name with their insurance provider, but you have already updated the patient’s name in Therabill, then you could receive an ERA rejection due to the name not matching. Review our article on how to manually resolve this error. 

WebPT Billing 

Updating a patient’s name requires manually creating a new patient chart in the EMR with the new patient name information.

  1. Start by adding a new patient record.

  2. To open the patient’s case for documentation, add a placeholder initial evaluation. Check out instructions for Medicare and Non-Medicare patients.

    Tip: You can manually copy and paste the previous evaluation information from the finalized note.

  3. Once the new patient chart has successfully been created, we recommend adding a case note to the old patient chart indicating that a new chart was made due to a name change.

  4. Then, discharge any active cases and discharge the previous patient record to avoid any accidental scheduling or documentation.

  5. Once you have added the new patient chart in the EMR, you will need to email updates@webpt.com to request for the two accounts to be merged. Include the patient name and account number for the records that need to be merged and indicate which one should be maintained.

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