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Discharge A Case

To close out a patient's case, a discharge note is needed. There are two types of discharge notes available. The Discharge Summary note is used when a patient has completed treatment or decides to end treatment and you are documenting (including final measurements and tests) and billing out their last visit. The Quick Discharge note is used when a patient does not return for treatment, and you are simply closing out the case without further documentation or billing. In order for the data to reflect correctly across Analytics, it is important to use the appropriate discharge note for the patient’s situation

To add a Discharge Summary

Complete a discharge summary when the patient is ready to be discharged and is present for his or her final visit. This is a billable note.

  1. Find the appropriate patient.
  2. Select Discharge from the Patient Record Actions drop-down.  
  3. Complete the note, including final tests and measurements.
  4. Finalize the note to officially discharge the patient from therapy.
  5. When discharging a Medicare case or a case for an insurance that requires Functional Limitation Reporting, you will be required to select the appropriate discharge status. This ensures that the g-codes are discharged and included in the billing tab.

To add a Quick Discharge

Use a quick discharge note when you want to discharge a patient from your care, but the patient is not present for their final visit (meaning you are unable to document his or her current state or administer tests). This is a non-billable note.

  1. Find the appropriate patient.
  2. Select Quick Discharge in the Patient Record Actions drop-down box. 
  3. Briefly, document why the case was closed.
  4. Finalize the note.

Therapists must finalize notes in order to have them count. If you have notes in draft status, these will not count towards the visits per discharge metric in reporting.

You can also choose to discharge the patient overall if that works better for your clinic workflow. Follow the steps outlined here.

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