How to Add and Edit a Patient

Add new patients into the EMR with the Add Patient or Send Intake Invitation links. You can learn more about the Patient Intake feature here

Required fields when adding a patient are noted below.

Note: You have the option of using Quick Add Patient, but is not recommended for Members with a billing integration.

Add Patient

On each step, use the provided hyperlink to discover tips, tricks, and field requirements for each section.

  1. Click the Add Patient link located under the Patient Manager. 
  2. Complete the Patient Info section.
  3. Add an Address for the Patient.
  4. Add Contact Info for the patient.
  5. Optional: Complete the Identifications tab. 
  6. Add the patient's Insurance to their chart.
  7. Add a Case to the patient chart.
  8. Optional: Allow the patient to be treated at a different Clinic.
  9. Click the Save Patient button at the bottom of the page. Note: If you are missing required information to add a new patient, you will receive an alert that explains which areas have not been completed successfully.

New Patients

All new patients appear in the  New Patients section of the dashboard. Once an Initial Examination has been completed for a patient, their name is removed from the list.

Edit Patient

  1. To begin, locate the patient record. Start by clicking Display Patients, located in the Patient Manager.
  2. Search for the patient using any of the available search fields, including Name, Birth Date, Therapist, Insurance, Insurance Type, Status, etc. 
  3. Find the patient and click the Edit link. This will take you directly to the Patient Info screen.
  4. In the Patient Info section, click Edit.
  5. Update information as needed and use the Save Patient button to save your changes. Please note if clinic settings have changed, you may be prompted to enter in the newly required information.