How do I Delete (Inactivate) a Patient?

Because patients cannot be deleted in the EMR, we’ve included two status drop-downs, Discharged and Inactive, to exclude unwanted profiles from appearing in your list of active patients. Patients that have been inactivated or discharged will not lose their documentation. Let’s talk about when to use each.

When to Discharge a Patient

Discharging a patient removes them from your active patient list but keeps the patient data in the system. This is what we recommend for most patient records.

Here are a few examples of why you would discharge a patient:

  1. The patient was referred, but he or she never came to therapy.
  2. You want to remove the patient from an active patient list.
  3. The patient is no longer attending therapy.

When to Inactivate a Patient

When you inactivate a patient, it removes them from the active patient list and also removes all insight into the patient’s related data in Analytics—including case, referral, visit, note, prescription/authorization, and billing data. This will impact every chart, comparison, and report in Analytics.

There are three reasons to inactivate a patient:

  1. The patient is a duplicate, typically created through Patient Intake or Quick Add.
  2. You created the patient in error without any patient data tied to it.
  3. The patient record was a test patient you created while learning the application.

These are the only instances were inactivating a patient is a better course of action than discharging the patient. In all other instances, a patient should be discharged.

If you are integrated with RevFlow, you will have a limited ability to inactivate patients. Click here to learn more about inactivating patients with a RevFlow integration.

How to Discharge/Inactivate a Patient

  1. Navigate to the patient record you want to make inactive using Display Patients.
  2. Select the entry to open the patient's chart.
  3. Navigate to the Patient Info section and select Edit in the top right corner.
  4. To inactivate the profile, select Inactive from the Status drop-down menu at the top of the profile. To discharge, select Discharge from the Status drop-down.
  5. Complete the inactivation of the record and save your changes using the Save Patient button at the bottom of the page.                                                                                                                      
  6. To locate an inactive or discharged patient record, simply set your search filter to inactive or discharged and key in any additional search terms. 
  7. You can easily reactivate profiles at any time by using these steps and changing the status back to Active.