WebPT Support Options

WebPT's family of products each has its own dedicated support team. Check out the information below to identify where you can get the help you need.

Product Knowledge Base Assistance and Support
WebPT EMR https://help.emr.webpt.com/
  • For same-day or next-day responses or fixes, reach out to support@webpt.com
  • For urgent issues or questions requiring an immediate response, call us at 866-221-1870, option 2, option 1. 
  • Support is also available in the WebPT EMR through Live Chat (located in the lower-left corner of your screen).
Therabill https://therabill.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Reach out to support@therabill.com or call 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 2.
RevFlow https://help.revflow.webpt.com/
WebPT Billing https://help.billing.webpt.com/ Reach out to webptbillingsupport@webpt.com or call 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 3.
Reach https://help.reach.webpt.com/ Email reachsupport@webpt.com.
HEP https://help.hep.webpt.com/ Email reachsupport@webpt.com.
Patient Portal (Reach) https://help.portal.strivehub.com/ Email help@strivehub.com
WebPT Local https://help.local.webpt.com/ Email reachsupport@webpt.com.
Referral Management https://rrm.helpscoutdocs.com/
Email rrmsupport@webpt.com

Account, Billing, and Marketplace Assistance

Help with For Assistance
Patient Billing Call 1-800-478-2778
Member Services/Account Updates
  • Check out Account Updates guide, then reach out to success@webpt.com
  • If you'd like to add or remove a clinic location, adjust the number of your subscriptions, or make demographic updates (i.e. update address, add a decision-maker, new logo, etc.) please reach out to memberservices@webpt.com or call 1-866-221-1870, option 2, option 4.
Invoices and Billing
Practice Billing or Financial Health
Reach out to your assigned Hub Manager.
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