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How to Reopen a Discharged Case

Important: Do not reopen discharged cases to continue patient documentation. If you need to continue care for a Discharged patient case whether discharged in error or after a Quick Discharge you will need to add a new case and create a Placeholder IE

The Reopen Case feature is only meant to be used on the off-chance a daily note or addendum was missed or forgotten at some point during the patient’s treatment. We always recommend starting a new case for patients who return to therapy, regardless of how long it’s been since they were last seen.

Reopen a Discharged Case 

If the Therapist needs to add a note or addendum to a discharged case, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Locate the Patient.
  2. From the Patient Record Actions drop-down choose Reopen Case.
  3. The Discharge now appears as Pending
  4. Complete any missing notes or needed addendums. Once complete, choose Discharge Case from Patient Record Actions.

In order to ensure that your note information pulls forward correctly, it is recommended that you do not addend notes finalized prior to the most recent evaluative note (i.e. initial examinations, progress notes, or re-examinations). If you need to addend beyond the most recent evaluative note, please contact WebPT Support for help.

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