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What should I do if I need to change the OMT questionnaire mid-treatment?

If you’ve been using and have an understanding of how the Outcomes Management Tools play a role in your patient care, you likely understand that the OMT must have a complete data set which requires an Initial Evaluation and Discharge questionnaire at minimum. 

Attempting to switch the questionnaire mid-treatment in the patient case will negate your previous outcomes data for the case; since it is impossible to achieve a fully matched data set. Completing the Initial Evaluation using one questionnaire and the Discharge using a different questionnaire creates a mismatched data set. WebPT Outcomes built-in logic prevents mismatched OMT scores from being compared and thus are not part of your reporting.

Changing the questionnaire

In the event, you need to change the questionnaire because:

  • You Selected the wrong OMT - addend the note and add the correct OMT.
  • The diagnosis has changed enough to warrant a different OMT, it is then best to create a new case. You can easily do this using the Evaluation Copy functionality. 
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