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Initial Exam Case Copy

Therapists can copy the most recent finalized evaluative note (including Initial Examinations, Progress Notes, and Re-Examinations) from a patient's previous case to their new case, as long as they are remaining in the same discipline. Please note that importing the evaluative note will remove the diagnosis codes from the new case. You will need to re-enter the diagnosis codes when completing the evaluation. 

  • This feature is currently available in SOAP 1.0. 
  • Initial Exam Case Copy selects the evaluative note with the most recent date of finalization to import. This means that it does not take into account the note's date of service. In instances where notes may be finalized out of order, it is possible that a note with an older date of service but a more recent date of finalization will be used for the case copy feature. However, adding an addendum to a previously finalized eval will not make it the most recently finalized note. The system looks at the original finalized date, not the addendum date to determine which eval to copy.

Company Settings

The Evaluative Note Import feature will automatically be set to Off for all clinics.  Please note that only users with Company Admin permissions can make changes to Company Settings.

  1. Activate this feature by accessing the Company Settings menu.                    
  2. Toggle the radio button to On.               
  3. Save your settings. 


  1. When a patient changes insurances, we recommend creating a new case for the patient. Patient Samantha Joe has been seeing a PT for her shoulder and has HMO insurance.
  2. She changes her insurance plan to a PPO. The front office staff adds the new PPO insurance to her chart and creates a new case to continue treating her knee. 
  3. When the PT adds the Initial Examination to the new case, they receive an Evaluative Note Import alert that asks them if they want to import information from the most recent evaluative note from the patient's other case. The alert provides the case name and the evaluative note type.
  4. Clicking Yes will import all information entered in the evaluative note and remove diagnosis codes added to the new patient case. Many fields that were copied from the previous IE will display an Import from label.
  5. The therapist can adjust the information as needed and finalize it. Please note you may need to update the visit count in the note on the Subjective tab.
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