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Month End: Paid Claims by Visit

An updated version of the Month End: Paid Claims by Visit report can be found in WebPT Billing

Paid Claims by Visit is a Data Table style report that helps clinics understand the amount collected from insurance companies by insurance class or clinic. This report only contains data for visits that have been fully paid, meaning the charges = payments + adjustments. This provides better insight into overall reimbursement rates. 

Note: This report is a static snapshot of your billing data taken when the month was closed. It is captured after all Month End procedures are completed in WebPT Billing. Any changes will be reflected in the next month's data.
This replaces the previous RevFlow Month End Dashboard Paid Claims By Financial Class By Visit report.


This report is located in the Month End Report section in Analytics. If you do not see the report listed here, ensure you have the necessary Analytics Access and User Role permissions.

Run and Customize the Report

  1. You can filter which clinics appear in the report using the View Clinics by: drop-down menu and corresponding (…) menu button.
  2. Select the Month and Year.
  3. Choose to View By: Insurance Class or Clinic.
  4. Export to Excel or CSV for further manipulation.

Column Descriptions

Column Description
Insurance Class Code The identifier assigned to the insurance class
Insurance Class Name The name of the insurance class
Clinic Name Name of the Clinic where the patient was treated
Billing Visits The total number of fully resolved visits where the charge amount = payments + adjustments. 
Charges The total amount billed for the selected month
Payments The total insurance and patient payments for the included visits, by deposit date
Adjustments The total insurance and patient adjustments for the included visits, by deposit date
Charge Per Billing Visit The average dollar amount charged per visit
Pay Per Billing Visit Average dollar amount paid by the insurance and patients. This is an average of the last six months of data. 
Adjusted Amount Per Billing Visit Average dollar amount adjusted off by the insurance and for the patient per visit
Collection % Calculated using the formula (Payments/Charges)
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