Analytics User Permissions

Let’s review how to enable Analytics access for EMR users, the roles available in Analytics, and how to customize the reports that an individual can view. To update 5 or more user roles at once click here.

Step 1: EMR User Permission

In order to access Analytics, users must have the  Analytics Access permission enabled on their user profile in the EMR. If you do not have the Edit Users permission in the EMR and you need to use Analytics, you’ll need to ask someone in your clinic to enable this permission for you.

On the user’s profile, check the box for  Analytics Access

The default permission set given to your user in Analytics is based on their user permissions.

Note: All existing Admin users will automatically have the  Analytics Access permission enabled upon the transition to 2.0.

Step 2: Choose a Role

As mentioned, users will automatically be assigned a role in Analytics based on their user permissions. Let’s review what reports are visible to a user automatically, and how to customize which reports a user can access.

  1. In the Analytics portal, open the Management section and select User Role Management
  2. Users can be assigned to more than one role. To update a user’s role, simply check or uncheck a box and use the Update Roles button to save your changes.   
  3. Each role and the corresponding reports are shown in the table below. 

Customizing Permissions

Occasionally, you may need to customize Analytics User Permissions. To customize which reports a user has access to, click on the user’s name. This will open the complete list of reports in Analytics. Use the checkboxes to select or unselect specific reports. Click Update Reports to save.