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April 2022 Release recap

SOAP 1.0

  • Added Account Notes
    • Account Notes are now available for WebPT EMR and WebPT Billing Members. This new feature is a great way for the front office and back office to communicate about patient information in the clinic. The new Account Note icon will be visible on the patient chart (for patients present in both the WebPT EMR and Billing). Click here to learn more.
  • Analytics 
    • Added New Fields to the Documented Units Report: The following new fields have been added to the Documented Units report : EMR Patient ID, Case Name, Patient Date of Birth and Treating Diagnosis.

SOAP 2.0

  • Enhanced SOAP 2.0 Charge Documentation
    • We want to give providers a faster experience when documenting SOAP 2.0 charges by reducing the number of clicks needed to customize, delete, or move a CPT code. Check out the following changes:
      • Each CPT code action will now appear as an icon to the right of the unit box. Actions include Comment, Delete, and Split (if the Assistant Therapy Modifiers setting is turned on for the case insurance).
      • Drag/Drop handles will appear to the left of each code which will allow providers to easily click and drag the codes in whichever order they please.
  • Added Documentation Confirmation for 59 Modifiers
    • To align with 1.0 compliance standards, providers will now be asked to confirm that they have documented accurately when 59 modifiers are applied to CPT codes in the Charge Summary.
  • Added Provider Groups
    • To create a more seamless process for Members working in bigger clinics, our team created Provider Groups to adjust Provider Restrictions for groups rather than individual providers. For example, a group of new hires starting on the same day would be granted the same restrictions until they are credentialed all at once rather than each individual new hire being granted specific restrictions one at a time.


  • Saved Views
    • Saved Views allow you to save pre-filtered and sorted lists of tasks from the task table—instead of needing to filter and sort your work queue each time. This will help you spend less time identifying what to focus on and more time completing tasks important to them. Click here to learn more.
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