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Account Notes and Sticky Notes

Account notes are a convenient way to communicate and follow up on patient information within the clinic. Use Account Notes to document when account follow-up may be necessary between the front office and billing. 

  • When a patient needs to establish a payment plan due to financial hardship, the front office can issue a note to notify the back office to contact the patient to make these arrangements with the patient. 
  • When the back office needs to communicate not to charge a patient for a particular reason.
Important: This feature does not work in Internet Explorer. Please use another browser when using this feature. View a list of the recommended setup here.

Account Note Visibility

Account notes are available in WebPT EMR at the patient level when the clinic is integrated with WebPT Billing. You’ll only see the account note icon on the patient chart when a patient account is present in both WebPT Billing and WebPT EMR. Click here for more information on Account Notes in WebPT Billing.

Note: The Account Note icon will not display on the patient record in WebPT EMR until the patient record has been integrated (added) to WebPT Billing.

Account Note Use in WebPT EMR

Account Notes can only be added by WebPT EMR users when a complete patient record exists in both WebPT EMR and WebPT Billing. A complete patient record includes all required demographic details are complete and the patient does not appear on the WebPT Billing exception report.

Use account notes in the EMR to:

  • Add an account note with codes and stickys
  • View an account note
  • Remove stickys

Add Account Notes

  1. Click the Account Notes icon next to the Patient ID to add or view account notes.

  2. Type the description of your note in the Note field.
  3. Choose the appropriate note code information from the Code drop-down.
  4. Click the X in the Stick on the field, then select a Stick on option from the drop-down. The default option is Not a Sticky.
  5. Click Save.
Important: The Account Note modal will close when you leave the patient chart. Also, account notes cannot be edited or printed.

View Account Notes 

  1. To view the Account Note modal and any note details, click the Account Notes icon next to the Patient ID to view account notes.
  2. The Note Text column displays the note description, User Name, and User ID.
  3. The Created By column displays the user that created the note.

Note Codes

Each Note Code has a specific user type (clinic staff or billing staff) access or visibility to the note. The Note Code chosen will determine the Note Type: Action, Information, or Misc.

  • Action: Acton Note Codes are a set of codes that can be viewed by ALL user types and impact Account Receiveable (AR) reports. These codes should only be used when documenting an account follow-up action that will result in the resolution of an outstanding balance. These codes drive the results on the Account Without Payment and Without Action Note report in WebPT Billing. If these note codes are used incorrectly, the report will be less effective. Download the list of Account Note Codes. Action Note Codes are identified by Yes in the Action Code column. 
  • Information: Information Note Codes can be viewed by ALL user types. These codes should be used to document something unrelated to the resolution of an account but is noteworthy and needs visible to all users. Information Note Codes do not impact the Account Without Payment and Without Status Note report.
  • Misc: Miscellaneous Note Codes can ONLY be viewed by Billing Users.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are a special type of Account Note that can be added to alert clinic and office staff to important information regarding an account and will display throughout WebPT Billing and WebPT EMR. Clinic and Billing users can add Sticky notes. When creating an account note, select the note type from the Stick on the drop-down.

Types of Sticky Notes: 

  • Not a Sticky
  • Charge
  • Payment
    Note: These notes will display in different areas depending on your selection. For example, a Payment sticky note will display on the Batch Payments page of WebPT Billing.

Remove Sticky Notes

The Remove a Sticky Note action will only remove the Stuck On type that was chosen when the note was created, it will not remove the note itself. If you did not select the charge or payment type, the Stuck on option can not be removed.  The sticky note can be removed from the modal box or from the Account. Notes drop-down. From either area:

  1. Check the box for the sticky you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove Sticky.
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