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Electronic Benefit Verification: INS Verification report (Electronic Benefit Verification Usage)

The INS Verification (Electronic Benefit Verification Usage) report allows you to view all of the electronic verifications attempted within a selected date range. To access and view the report the Electronic Benefit Verification feature must be enabled for use and Users must have view and edit patient’s permissions. Click here for the full Electronic Benefit Verification overview.

Note: WebPT has implemented some preventative internal validations on all electronic benefit verification requests being sent to the insurance. These validations look for missing patient information (missing Subscriber ID, missing NPI, and unmapped Electronic Payers). Any requests missing this information will result in Insufficient Info status in the result column of the report and will not count toward your processed verifications allocated for the month.

Run the INS Verification Report

  1. From the Tools menu, select INS Verifications Usage.
  2. Select your desired date range to run the report.
    Note: To prevent issues with running this report, date ranges should be no longer than three months.
  3. Click the filter icon on any column to further narrow your results.

Viewing the Report results

The eBV Usage report returns the status of the benefit and the benefit results for each benefit request.

  1. View the Results column to determine the result status of each processed request.
  2. View the total of All Processed Verifications (these count toward your transactions processed).

Result Statuses

  • Processed - Success - the request made it to the payer, the payer returned the benefit information
  • Processed - Error - The request made it to the payer however, there was a problem with the information sent and the payer was unable to retrieve and return benefit information.
  • Processing - The request is still in progress.
  • Insufficient info - the patient record or case is missing required information. WebPT will not send the request if the following details are missing.
    • Subscriber ID
    • NPI for therapist or group if selected
    • The payer is not mapped to a Verified electronic payer
  • Rejected - This result indicates a problem reaching the payer or a rejected due to NPI or provider not being registered with the payer. Ensure the payer is mapped to the correct or top payer in the insurance payer hierarchy. We've provided a few examples of Insurance hierarchy, here.
    Note: CMS requires a one-time validation and approval of each NPI submitting electronic verification for Medicare insurances mapped to Medicare Part A and B. This results in an immediate benefit verification rejection. Please allow two days to validate and approve the NPI before initiating additional attempts to electronically verify benefits. 

Column Descriptions

Status The status column indicates the status of the attempted verification. There are several status icons that represent the status of the verification: Processed - Success, Processed - Error, Processing, Rejected/Insufficient Information. Charges are applied to any Processed Status.
Patient Name The name of the patient with a link to the patient’s chart.
Patient ID WebPT EMR ID assigned to the patient.
Payer Patient Insurance on the patient case and selected for verification.
Request ID The assigned ID for the verification request. All verification requests will be assigned an associated ID this helps to identify any issues that may arise from the verification (eBV) portal.
Results Details related to the attempted/completed verification.
Verified by The user who attempted to verify benefits.
Date Verified The date and time the verification request was attempted.
PDF Icon View Benefits PDF information received from the Payer.
Person Icon Patient Record link to access the required patient info needed after viewing PDF.
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