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Search by Patient ID

The Patient Search uses the Patient ID field (formerly known as the Patient Number) to display patients by:

This makes it easier to access patient records throughout your clinic without exposing PHI.

WebPT Patient ID

  • View the Patient's WebPT ID or Alterative ID (if added) in the patient chart.       
    • WebPT EMR ID: Displays if no Alternate ID is added.
    • Alternate ID: Displays by default, if added.
    • The Alternate Patient ID can be added from the Identifications tab on the Patient Info window. Additionally, some inbound patient integrations automatically create an Alternate Patient ID. You can also search for Alternative Patient IDs using the Patient ID search field.

  • When viewing the patient’s record page, you can locate the WebPT Patient ID by looking at the end of the patient record address string in your web browser.
  • You'll also be able to see the WebPT Patient ID in Patient Search results.
  • In SOAP 2.0, you’ll also see the WebPT Patient ID in parenthesis next to the Patient Name when viewing the patient record.

WebPT Billing Patient ID

You can search for a patient using their WebPT Billing Patient ID in the WebPT EMR through the Patient ID field.

Easily search for Patients using the WebPT Patient ID or Alternative ID.

  1. Click Display Patients from the Patient Manager.
  2. Type the Patient ID in the Patient ID field.
  3. Choose the appropriate Search Type from the drop-down.
  4. Click Search to display the patient list.
  5. Double-click on the patient’s name to open their chart.

Multiple Clinic Access Patient Search

  1. Members who have multiple clinic access should use All Company Patients in the Search Type drop-down to more efficiently search for patients.
  2. This search will return all results for the ID regardless of which clinic location the patient has visited.
  3. Clicking on the Patient’s name will automatically direct you to the patient chart’s chart.
  4. If the patient isn’t assigned to the clinic you’re currently logged into, you’ll be redirected to the Cannot Access Patient page. Click the Clinic Name link to access the patient chart.

Export Patient Search Listing

  1. After completing your search, you can export the Patient Search by clicking Export to Excel.
  2. Here, you’ll be able to view the WebPT Patient ID and the Alternative Patient ID.
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