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January Release Recap


  • 97 Modifier: Apply the 97 modifier for Rehabilitative services on the patient's case. In order to make the modifier available, mark the 96/97 modifier as active on the Company Fee Schedule. 
  • CO/CQ Assistant Modifiers for Tricare: If Tricare is the primary or secondary insurance on a patient’s case, the CQ or CO modifier will automatically be applied to any services provided by a PTA or OTA in SOAP 1.0 and 2.0. Payment differential is scheduled to start in 2022, so these modifiers will not impact payments in 2021.
  • Patient Surgery Status Requirement for HM Measures (MIPS 2021): MIPS participating therapists are required to indicate if the patient is receiving therapy due to a recent surgery on the Initial Evaluation.
  • SOAP 2.0
    • Added Pain Question to HM Measure OMTs (MIPS 2021): A new pain question has been added to the following Outcomes Measurement Tools (OMTs): QuickDASH, Neck Disability Index, Modified Oswestry, Dizziness Handicap Inventory, and Lower Extremity Functional Scale. (WebPT + Outcomes Members)
    • No Appointment Note Finalization Warning Message: When a therapist attempts to finalize a note on a day the patient doesn’t have a scheduled appointment, a warning message appears requiring the therapist to confirm they still want to sign it. 
    • Patient Surgery Status Requirement for HM Measures (MIPS 2021): MIPS participating therapists are required to indicate if the patient is receiving therapy due to a related surgery from the Patient Presentation subsection of the SOAP note. Additionally, this content can be configured on all note types. 
    • Added ROM/Strength/Selective Tissue Tension Subsection: The new ROM/Strength/Selective Tissue Tension Subsections in the Objective tab have been added to SOAP 2.0 for therapists providing Selective Tissue Tension testing. Each Subsection combines Active Range of Motion, Passive Range of Motion, End Feel, Selective Tissue Tension, and Gross Muscle Strength into one table for each body part for more efficient documentation.


  • Patient Search Capabilities: Search patients by WebPT Patient ID or Alternate Patient ID, the WebPT Patient ID has also been exposed in search results. Patients can also be accessed more quickly by users with access to multiple clinics from the All Company Patient search.
  • Quick Add Visual Update: Companies with the Quick Add enabled will have a new look and feel to the Quick Add user interface. 
  • Company Fee Schedule Update: CMS has recently announced the deletion of G2010 and G2012 in the 2021 Annual Update to the Therapy Code List effective 1/1/2021. The following two new communication technology based service codes have replaced G2010 and G2012 and are available in the WebPT EMR. These codes will count as visits toward the medicare process note requirement. 
  • SOAP 2.0
    • Patient Notes Report: When the same therapist is both the documenting and finalizing therapist for a note finalized in SOAP 2.0, that therapist will now appear in both the Documentation and Finalizing Therapist columns on the Patient Notes report in Analytics.
    • Needs Progress Note Alert: Patients who are due for a Progress Note in SOAP 2.0 are now listed on the Needs Progress Note list in the At a Glance section of the WebPT EMR Dashboard.
    • Progress Note Alerts and Performance: Progress Note alerts have been added in SOAP 2.0 for all payer types. Alerts will appear in the alerts drawer located at the top of the note after nine notes have been completed or 30 days have passed since the last evaluation note. 
    • Plan of Care Alert: Previously, SOAP 2.0 displayed an alert on the patient chart when there wasn’t a signed Plan of Care in the patient's eDoc. This alert now only displays after an Initial Evaluation is finalized, and will be displayed until a signed Plan of Care is added to eDoc. Please note, this alert won’t display for Members without the Front Office (with eDoc) package. 
    • Removed Nickname Field from PDF: The Nickname field documented on the Patient Info section in a patient's chart has been removed from the PDF view on finalized notes. The nickname is still be visible on the patient chart.


  • Calendar Admin Permissions: Previously users who had Clinic and Company Admin permissions but didn’t have Calendar Admin permission enabled could view and edit the calendar tabs in Manage Calendar. Now, only users with Calendar Admin permissions can access all calendar tabs in Manage Calendar.
  • SOAP 2.0
    • SLDT Standardized Test: Previously, standard scores auto-calculated for the Elementary and Adolescent versions of the Social Language Development Tests (SLDT) Standardized test. This issue has been resolved and the test will no longer auto-calculate. 
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