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National Reports Overview

Within the WebPT Outcomes Reports, there are three categories: Company, Patient, and National. This article focuses on National reports which provide a value comparison of care with similar-sized clinics on a national level that can help you prove your value and treatment success to your patients, referring physicians, and payers. 

To have accurate and meaningful outcomes data, your clinic must consistently report outcomes at all eligible visits for 60-90 days. This ensures that you have enough completed data sets for reporting.

What is a complete data set in WebPT Outcomes and why does it matter?

Many of the reports, especially those in the Company Reports section, will only show outcomes data for cases with a complete data set. A  complete data set is achieved when a patient’s case has a completed OMT for their Initial Examination and Discharge visits. However, if the case has a Progress Note with a completed outcomes survey and the patient was Quick Discharged, the system will convert the Progress Note Survey to a Discharge survey. This ensures a complete data set for patients who self-discharge or are otherwise unable to complete their course of care.

Accessing National Reports

  1. From the Reports section, select Outcomes Reports.
  2. All National Reports appear under the National Reports header.
  3. Once you choose a report, you can customize it using the available actions for filters, sorting, and grouping the data for your preferences. These action options may include date range, therapist, questionnaire, location, diagnosis, physician, payer, litigation, direct access, and employer.  These reports display as a PDF when you run them.

National Reports

Data Note: Some National Reports require a statistically significant minimum amount of data, approximately 25 or more patients with a completed data set, to be considered for national ranking.

National Clinical Outcomes Summary This report compares your company’s average scores for all clinicians to the national average for each of the different outcome tools provided. This information is represented in a spreadsheet format and a bar graph showing the percentage of change for each OMT.
National Patient Perception This report provides both a bar graph and a numerical breakdown to compare your company’s average pain, satisfaction, functional improvement, and goals met results to the national averages.
Clinic Ranking Report This report provides a comparison of all company clinics. Each clinic displays on a single line with the same information displayed in the Clinic Report card.
Clinic Report Card This report is a more detailed view of the Clinic Ranking Report. It shows how the system grades each clinic.
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