Quick Tips for Success with WebPT + Therabill

Add Patient vs. Quick Add Patient

Whenever possible, we recommend that WebPT + Therabill users add new patients via the Add Patient function rather than the Quick Add Patient function. This is because the Add Patient function allows the user to enter full details about the patient, which then flow over to Therabill—thus creating a full patient record in both systems. Conversely, the Quick Add Patient function does not require entry of important demographic and patient information, which means the patient’s chart will appear incomplete within Therabill.

If, as a WebPT + Therabill user, you attempt to use the Quick Add Patient function, you will see an Incomplete Patient Records alert in the At a Glance section of your WebPT Dashboard. It’s important that you address this alert (i.e., enter the missing patient information) before the therapist finalizes any documentation for that patient. Otherwise, the corresponding claim created within Therabill will be incomplete, thus requiring manual data entry within that system.

Patient/Client Payments

When a user enters patient payments (i.e., those for copays, deductibles, coinsurances, supplies, or wellness services) into the Scheduler or directly into the patient’s chart, those payments will flow into Therabill as unassigned client payments.

Additional Resources for Patient/Client Payments