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Quick Tips for Success with WebPT + Therabill

Adding Patients

Patients can be added using  Add Patient or  Quick Add Patient. The Quick Add functionality allows you to quickly create patients with just enough information to get them scheduled for an appointment. Depending on how much information you add into the Quick Add form, you may or may not create a complete patient profile. If the patient's profile is incomplete, the therapist won't be able to finalize the patient's notes until their patient information is completed. This ensures that only completed patient records flow into Therabill, preventing issues with billing insurances such as rejections and denials. 
Patients with incomplete patient records will have alerts present on their scheduled appointment and patient chart. Click here to learn more. We only recommend enabling Quick Add if your practice has strong patient information collection workflows, otherwise, your therapists may be prevented from finalizing notes in a timely manner.

Patient/Client Payments

When a user enters patient payments (i.e., those for copays, deductibles, coinsurances, supplies, or wellness services) into the Scheduler or directly into the patient’s chart, those payments will flow into Therabill as unassigned client payments.

Additional Resources for Patient/Client Payments

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