How to Use Appointment Reminders

Automatic appointment reminders can reduce costly no-shows by as much as 30%, and save time for front office staff by reducing the volume of time-consuming patient calls. You can send an individual Voice, Text, or Email, to your patients for each appointment or any combination of Voice, Text, or Email. The Reminder Log tracks the status of each outgoing reminder message and copy of the reminder message. 

Important: Before using appointment reminders, a user with Clinic Admin permissions needs to complete the one-time setup.

Patient Reminders are added through the patient chart or by using the checkbox in each appointment on the calendar.

Create Appointment Reminder for Existing Patient

From the patient's chart, select  Patient Info.

Select the  Contact Info tab:

Voice Call/Text Reminders

Click  Add Contact and select Phone for Contact Type, or edit an existing Phone contact and select Voice Call or Text Message for reminder type.

Note: Voice Call/Text reminders are static and cannot be modified. 

When the patient answers the voice call reminder, the recording will play once there is zero background noise from the patient.

Email Reminders

Click  Add Contact and select Email for Contact Type, or edit an existing Email contact, and check the check box for Apt. Reminders.

Click  Ok to save the Contact.

Scroll down and click  Save Patient.

Customize your email reminder message from Appointment Reminder Setup.

Patient Appointment Window

If you set up appointment reminders when you add a patient profile, the  Add Patient Reminder box will be checked in the appointment. Otherwise, you can edit each scheduled appointment and check the Add Patient Reminder checkbox, then Save.

Patient reminders are not being received by the patient

When a patient reports reminders are not being received, check the following:

  • Ensure patient reminder set up is completed.
  • Ensure Add patient reminder is checked on the patient appointment. Click on the specific appointment in the Appointment CalendarClick the Edit action button. Confirm the Add Patient Reminder is checked.
  • Ensure the patient's email or phone number is correct in the patient chart.  Click Patient InfoReview the phone and email contact info. Confirm the Apt. Reminder drop-down is selected under the Phone contact. Or confirm the Apt. Reminder check box is selected for the Email contact.