Reminder Log

You can review and track reminder messages from the  Reminder Log.  The log generates a list of appointment reminders sent out within a date range.  The log includes:

  • appointment date and time 
  • patient name
  • date and time of reminder delivery
  • status of delivery
  • confirmation

Run the report:

  1. Click Reminder Log in the Tools box.
  2. Select Start Date and End Date for the report. Choose a specific patient or leave this field blank to run the report for all patients.
  3. Click Generate Report. In the confirmation column, you'll see the reminder method. Click the method to view or listen to the reminder. 

The report is clinic specific, if you have multiple clinics, run the report for each clinic by changing the clinic name in the Clinic drop-down.

Status Failed 

There are several reasons a reminder message may not send or fails:

  • The carrier did not accept the message.
  • The patient did not have service at the time reminder was sent.
  • An incorrect phone number or email address was entered.
  • Too much noise in the background of a phone call; The automated system recognizes an in-person response or a voice mail and relies on a short period of silence to respond accordingly. For this reason, loud background noises may prevent the system from leaving a message.