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Appointment Reminder Setup

Users with Clinic Admin permissions can set up Appointment Reminders, specifying the delivery lead time, custom messaging for email reminders, and the window for voice calls/text messages. 


  • Voice call/text message reminders cannot be customized. 
  • To use appointment reminders, your clinic must have WebPT's Scheduler. 

To get started, click Reminder Setup from the Tools box.

Email Reminders

If this is not your first time designating reminder settings, click Edit in the upper-right corner of the page.

The Reminder Settings are displayed.


  1. Delivery Lead Time - When set by days, reminders go out on a 24-hour clock.
  2. From Address - Enter the clinic email address. If the patient replies to the reminder email, the reply will be sent to the email address you've added here. Note: All patient reminder emails will be sent from no-reply@webpt.com
  3. From Name - Enter clinic name.
  4. Format - Select HTML or Text, use Example links to preview email.
  5. Header Text - Enter custom text.
  6. Footer Text - Enter custom text.
  7. Email Logo - Upload your logo, cannot be larger than 120px wide or 100px high.

Note: The From Address field must contain a valid email address in order to successfully receive patient replies. 

Add your Clinic Logo

Add your clinic logo to the HTML Email Reminder.

  1. Click Browse to select a logo file. The file size cannot exceed 120 pixels in width or 100 pixels in height.                                                                                                 
  2. Click Save Settings.

Voice Call/Text Message Reminders

  1. Voice call/text message reminders cannot be customized. Settings include the Earliest Call and Latest Call times. You can also type in the Text Message Facility Name and a Phonetic Facility Name if you think the automated system does not pronounce your clinic name correctly. Use the Send Test Call/Text link to see and hear voice/text examples.
  2. Note: The Text Message Facility Name has a maximum limit of 160 characters.

  3. Click Save Settings
  4. When the patient answers the voice call reminder, the recording will play once there is zero background noise from the patient.

Note: Patients cannot reply to text reminders.

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