Patient Intake Form

Users with Clinic Admin permissions can set up the Patient Intake form so that you can send a customizable intake form to new patients to complete prior to their first office visit. The information that the patient provides transfers directly into the Patient Manager.

  • Allow your patients to complete their basic demographic information prior to arriving for their first appointment
  • Save staff time during the initial intake process
  • Send invites with ease from the link under Patient Manager
  • Customize your registration form to match your brand and embed it on your website
  • Use At a Glance alert to review and validate pending patients

Patient Intake Set Up

  1. Click on your clinic’s name in the top right corner of the page. Choose Patient Intake Admin from the drop-down menu.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the required fields to include on the intake form. Save your settings.
  3. Optional: If you wish to embed the form on your website, you can use the code provided in the Patient Intake Admin screen and apply the appropriate CSS to the form. Click here for instructions.

Send Intake Invitation

  1. In the Patient Manager, select Send Intake Invitation. Enter the patient’s Email Address and click Send. A popup box will alert you that the invite was successfully sent.
  2. The patient will receive an email with a link to the form.
  3. When the patient clicks on the link, they are taken to a secure web portal to enter information. The required fields will be highlighted with (Required). 
  4. Required Fields - at a minimum, the patient will be required to enter:
  5. Additionally, any fields selected in the Patient Intake Admin will also be required. 
  6. Once the form is completed and the patient clicks Submit Patient Information, the data is transmitted to WebPT.
  7. The patient information appears as a Pending Patient Intake in the At a Glance section of the WebPT Dashboard.
  8. Click to open the pending patient intake list and verify the patient information is correct. Complete remaining information fields. Once information is completed and validated, click the save button in the bottom right corner of the page. 
  9. Please note: the system will not issue a duplicate patient alert for patients with pending intakes, so it is a best practice to always check the pending intakes before creating a new patient profile. 

Suggested Clinic Workflow

  1. A new patient calls and requests an appointment.
  2. In the Scheduler, create a placeholder appointment by typing the patient’s name in the What field. Patient Quick Search will not work until the patient profile is complete.
  3. In the Patient Manager, click Send Intake Invitation and enter the patient’s email address.
  4. At the first session: Retrieve patient information from the Pending Patient Intakes menu in the At-A-Glance section of the dashboard. Verify and complete information. Be sure to update the Contact Info tab to set up reminders.
  5. Delete the placeholder appointment and create a new appointment for the patient by searching for and selecting the newly created patient profile in the Patient Quick Search field. This is a must for accurate reporting.
  6. Copays/Coinsurance amounts will automatically populate in the payment section of the appointments if entered into the patient profile.
  7. Check the patient in by clicking on the appointment and selecting Check-In.
  8. Collect payments in the appointment via the Payment button. Payments can be collected at any time.
  9. Upload any supporting documentation into the Patient’s Chart via eDoc.