Scheduling Appointments

In this article, we will review:

Scheduling Appointments

To add a single appointment or event:

For more details on the Appointment Actions, click here.                          

  1. Click the View Schedule, located under Scheduler
  2. Find the day you wish to add an appointment to and click the desired time slot to open the Add Appointment window. You can also use Create Event in the Schedule Actions section to open up the Add Appointment Window.
  3. Type the first or last name of the patient (2 character minimum) and select the correct patient from the What drop-down box. Ensure that you select the correct case from the drop-down. This helps with reporting and ensures that the notes are finalized in the correct case.
  4. The When time frame defaults to your appointment default settings. You can change the time frame as needed with the drop down menus.
  5. Select the type of visit in the Type drop-down box.
  6. Leave the Status blank.
  7. Enter any relevant notes.
  8. Click the Save button.

    Note: Once the appointment is on the scheduler, you can drag and drop an appointment to any other time block on the schedule. You can also extend or shorten the appointment time by clicking and dragging the bottom of the appointment box.

Note: Occasionally primary and secondary payer alerts may appear at the bottom of the Add Appointment window.

Repeating Appointments

To create a repeating appointment, choose from the options in the  Repeats drop-down box before clicking the Save button.

Important: Scheduling repeating patient appointments beyond several weeks can cause unforeseen issues, especially if you edit or delete one of the appointments within the sequence. If you need to edit an appointment within a recurring series, end the series with that appointment and begin a new series.

Scheduling challenges

There are a few reasons you may not be able to schedule a specific patient or on a specific calendar.

  • When using Create Event to schedule an appointment ensure you Schedule the patient on the correct Calendar.  If you find your provider is not listed, view the Scheduling provider list to determine if the provider is visible for scheduling.
  • "I can't add any appointments.'' If you are not able to add appointments to the calendar or the provider is not visible in the Scheduling list verify or add the provider using Manage Calendars for the location.
  • "I can't add or schedule a specific patient." If you cannot schedule a specific patient, verify the patient has an active case to schedule, discharged patients are not visible from the What drop-down.
  • "All I see when I hover over the patient appointment is {"missedReasonName":""} and I can't access the patient's appointment or patient chart." This message appears when you are attempting to access a patient chart that has not been added to the current location you are viewing.  Change the clinic location from the clinic drop-down.
  • Scheduling an appointment outside of your office hours (commonly referred to as 'The midnight hour appointment') will prevent it from being seen on the Scheduler.  To view or edit this appointment you will need to change your Scheduler Day and Time Settings.  Click Settings, from the Schedule Actions menu.
    Edit the Start of day or End of day drop-down to align with when the appointment time was scheduled. Click Save.The appointment will be visible.  Edit the appointment or another action.

Total Visit Count

This functionality is currently in limited release and will be rolling out to additional Members in the future.

The total number of visits on a calendar are displayed beneath the calendar name. This number is often hidden when viewing multiple calendars.

Note: Canceled or No-showed appointments are not included in the count.