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WebPT Outcomes and Priority Health

The integrated version of Outcomes provides additional features and reduces the need to enter duplicate data (once in the EMR and once in Outcomes Standalone), making it easier to complete patient outcomes reporting for Priority Health.

Patient Outcomes Intake

One of the key benefits of the integrated version is the Patient Outcomes Intake feature which provides three methods to stage a patient’s outcomes questionnaire prior to the appointment, allowing the therapist to select the finished outcome measurement questionnaire while completing an evaluative note on the patient.

Note: Only the following Outcome Measurement Tool questionnaires can be used for Priority Health reporting.

Required Insurance Settings

Once you receive notification that the integration has been turned on, you’ll need to update the Insurance Settings for each Priority Health payer in your organization. This step must be completed or WebPT will not send reporting data to Priority Health. You’ll need to complete the following steps for each payer.

  1. Use the Display Insurance link to open the Insurance Search screen.             
  2. Locate the Priority Health insurance and click Edit. 
  3. In the Settings column, check the Priority Health Carrier box.                          
  4. Depending on your needs, you may find it helpful to check the box requiring the completion of an OMT for this insurance.                                         
  5. Click the Edit Insurance button to Save.

Outcomes Clinic Settings

There are a few  Clinic Settings that can help your practice more effectively manage outcomes reporting.

We recommend turning on the  Show entire OMT questionnaire when clicking on the OMT score box setting. This requires the system to automatically display the full OMT when therapists click into the score section of the test in the evaluative note, preventing them from simply typing in the final outcomes score. This ensures that outcomes are included in reporting. 

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