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WebPT Outcomes Settings

In this article, we'll discuss how to enable Clinic and Insurance settings related to the WebPT Outcomes product. 

Outcomes Clinic Setting

Control how WebPT Outcomes functions in your clinic with outcomes-specific options in  Clinic Settings.

Outcomes Settings Details

If you enable this setting, at least one Outcome Measurement Tool (OMT) from the WebPT Outcomes library will be mandatory for every PT and OT patient during the following visits: Initial Examination, Re-Examination, Progress Note, and Discharge, regardless of insurance type. WebPT users won't be able to finalize notes for these visits without first completing an OMT. We recommend you turn this to On to ensure you capture outcomes data for all patients, regardless of payer type.

When the option shown above is enabled, users will not be able to type OMT scores directly into the score box that appears on the Objective tab of the evaluation. If a user attempts to click on the score box, the outcome test will open. This ensures that all questions—including those having to do with pain and patient satisfaction—are answered. We recommend you turn this feature on so that providers don’t leave patient perception questions empty.

This will include patient satisfaction questions on all Follow-up/Discharge OMT forms. By disabling this requirement, you will not be able to view reports about patient satisfaction. There will be no change to the printed Follow Up and Discharge OMT forms. We recommend you turn this on immediately, and leave it on, so that all the patient perception data will be part of your OMTs and in your reports.

Insurance Setting Options

Insurance Manager Settings will also allow making an OMT mandatory.

  1. From the Insurance Manager and select Display Insurances
  2. Once you find the insurance, select Edit.
  3. In the Insurance Settings check the box next to Require completion of a WebPT Outcomes OMT (outcome measurement tool) questionnaire for all patients (excludes SLP users). 
  4. Click Edit Insurance to save.
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