How to Enable Therapy Modifiers (GP/GO/GN)

To enable therapy modifiers (GP/GO/GN), add or edit an insurance in the Insurance Manager. This function is only available for Insurance Admins. 

From the Insurance Manager:

  • Add a new insurance using the Add Insurance found in the Insurance Manager section. 
  • Edit an existing insurance company using Display Insurance to search for the desired insurance.

In the Settings column, select Apply Therapy Modifiers to enable modifiers for a particular insurance. Please note that for Medicare insurance types, this setting is always enabled. 

Therapy Modifiers (GP/GO/GN) are informational CPT modifiers that refer to plans of care for outpatient rehabilitation services. They should never be used with codes that are not on the list of applicable therapy services.

  • GP: Physical Therapy services
  • GO: Occupational Therapy services
  • GN: Speech Therapy services