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WebPT Support and Billing Advice

WebPT strives to provide valuable training during implementation and opportunities for training throughout the course of our relationship with all our Members. Regular updates on industry news, including billing and coding guidance, are provided through our Webinars and Blog Articles for those Members who subscribe. There also is substantial training and guidance available across our Knowledgebases.

WebPT's Support Team provides technical support to assist in the use of our EMR and other product offerings. However, our Support Specialists are not certified medical coders or billers. When there is a compliance billing question that cannot be answered by reviewing our prior training and guidance, we have asked our Support Specialists to forward the question to our Compliance Council to enable us to provide you the best service and response possible.

All of our Members, however, should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for all documentation and coding that is submitted for billing. Billing and coding are very dependent on the documentation and actual services provided, which again is the responsibility of the Member. Per CMS and other payers, the signature on the CMS 1500 and 837 claim forms is an attestation by the PROVIDER to the accuracy of the codes submitted. It is the ultimate responsibility of the PROVIDER to accurately code all claims submitted. Furthermore, there are tens of thousands of payers for rehabilitation services throughout the country. Our training and guidance is typically focused on the primary Federal payers. We do not generally provide training or guidance on all of the nuances of billing and coding for commercial and state payers. If a Member has a significant compliance billing question about our product offerings, WebPT will attempt to direct you to relevant guidance; however, as stated, ultimately the documentation and coding is the Member's responsibility.

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