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Case Summary

Below the Case Badge is the Case Summary. This section contains relevant information about your patient and their current episode of care. This section remains open as you document. Select the available arrows to view additional details relevant to the patient's case.

  • The Diagnosis is pulled from the patient case or Initial Evaluation. Click the arrow for additional Diagnosis details.
  • Patient Goals pulls from the Patient Presentation section on the last evaluative note.
  • Next Appointment 
    • Displays the next upcoming appointment within 60 days. Quickly remind the patient of their next appointment.
    • Displays “Remove future appointments?” for discharged cases. Click the trash icon to remove all future appointments automatically for a discharged case.
  • Visits contains helpful information pertaining to the number of visits in the case, such as the number of authorized visits used, and the number of visits since the most recent evaluative note.
    • Authorized visits used and available will show information for active authorizations applied to the case.
    • Visits since last evaluation will show how many Daily Notes with charges have been finalized since the last evaluative note finalized for that patient. When this number gets to 9, Medicare patients will have a Progress Note Alert. Non-Medicare patients will not have a Progress Note Alert, but this number will not reset until the next evaluative note is finalized. 
    • Daily Notes are only included if they contain charges. If this count is incorrect, click the patient's Appointments to find any appointment discrepancies in the case and ensure all recorded Daily Notes which should have charges are accounted for. 
  • Insurance Policy Status pulls from the insurance information entered in the patient's chart.
  • Prescription Status counts the number of prescriptions used, as well as the prescription expiration date.
  • The Referring Physician displays the information entered in the patient’s case. Click the arrow to view additional physician information including NPI, Contact Info, and Address.
  • The Medicare Threshold Used is automatically calculated from finalized notes and your Medicare Fee Schedule.
  • Insurance displays a list of the patient's insurance(s). Click the arrow to see the status of the patient’s insurance benefits verification.

  • The Primary Therapist pulls from the Assigned Therapist field in the patient’s case. 

To learn more about the Patient Records Page, click here.

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