Patient Records Page

The SOAP 2.0 Patient Records page provides a quick snapshot of the patient’s demographics, case, and note information. 



View patient demographic information in the top-left portion of the header.

Alerts Drawer

The Alerts Badge appears next to the patient’s demographic information. Clicking on the badge opens the Alerts Drawer and displays any patient-related alerts, like expiring authorizations. You can even add custom alerts. Click here to learn more about alerts.

Patient Profile

Use the Patient Profile section to access relevant patient information. Clicking each link will take you to different sections of the patient's profile. This feature is in limited release for specific users and will be gradually rolled out to all clinics over the next few weeks.

  • Select Patient Info to access the Patient Info page in the EMR. From here, you can add or edit the patient's demographic information.
  • The Records page is the default selection. From here, you can create, view, fax, print, or addend notes from this section.
  • Select HEP to launch the Home Exercise Program platform in a separate window. If the patient already has a plan set up, you can add or edit the exercise from here.
  • Select eDocs to add, view, or edit external patient documents. Click here to learn more about eDocs.
  • Select Appointments to view upcoming and previous appointments in a separate window. From here, you can print the appointment list containing important dates, times, and therapists.
  • Select Payments to add a new payment or view a history of payments.

Case Drawer

The Case Badge allows you to access the patient’s other cases and is located under the patient’s demographic information. Clicking on the badge opens the Case Drawer. From here, you can select the case name and navigate to the Patient Records page for that case.

Case Summary

Below the Case Badge is the Case Summary. This section contains relevant information about your patient and their current episode of care. This section remains open as you document.

  • The primary Diagnosis is pulled from the patient case or Initial Evaluation.
  • The Referring Physician and Primary Insurance display the information entered in the patient’s case.
  • The Medicare Threshold Used is automatically calculated from finalized notes and your Medicare Fee Schedule.
  • The Primary Therapist pulls from the Assigned Therapist field in the patient’s case. 
  • The Date of Initial Evaluation shows when the patient's treatment began. 
  • Total Visits counts the total number of SOAP notes for the case from SOAP 1.0 and 2.0. This includes In Progress (Draft) notes if the note has had a CPT® Code added to the charge summary. Daily Notes are only included if they contain charges. If this count is incorrect, click the patient's Appointments to find any appointment discrepancies in the case and ensure all recorded Daily Notes which should have charges are accounted for. 
  • Visits Since Last Evaluation counts the number of finalized Daily Notes that have occurred since the most recent evaluative note. 
  • Next Appointment displays the next upcoming appointment within 60 days. Quickly remind the patient of their next appointment.

Records Section

You can create, view, fax, print, or addend notes from this section. Documentation finalized in 1.0 can be viewed by expanding ‘The notes below were created in an older SOAP version’ subsection. These notes are viewable but cannot be faxed or batch printed. 

  1. Click the WebPT logo to return to the EMR Dashboard. 
  2. Use the Documentation drop-down to return to the patient's chart in SOAP 1.0.
  3. Use the Documentation drop-down to view upcoming appointments in the Scheduling calendar.
  4. Use the Documentation drop-down to access the HEP, WebPT's Home Exercise Program.
  5. Use the Documentation drop-down to open the Outbound Fax Log in a new tab.