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Experiencing an issue with a Note? We are here to help.

I’m getting a broken PDF error message: "System Exception: Failed to load single record by patientId". What should I do?

In the drop-down for that note, choose to add an addendum. Go to the last tab, and select the Finalize and rebill button. (If the note did not contain charges, you do not need to rebill; just click the Finalize button.) This will resolve the issue and generate a correct version of the note.

The note I finalized yesterday or last week is missing information; sometimes it’s missing a full section. What should I do?

In the drop-down for that note, choose to add an addendum. Go to the last tab, and select the Finalize button. If the note was missing billing information, please select the Finalize and rebill button. The newly completed note will contain the missing information. 

I loaded a note yesterday and saved it as a draft. When I opened it today it’s missing information. What should I do?

In the drop-down for the draft on the patient chart, please select to remove the note. Then, start a new note. This will ensure all information populates correctly. 

I performed a Progress Note or Recertification note yesterday but the system is not letting me add a new daily note; it says an eval is still required. What should I do?

Add a Progress Note and save it as a draft. Remove it, then try adding a Daily Note and back-date for the same DOS as the evaluation.

We need to link the Daily Note to the Evaluative Note for you in order to satisfy reporting requirements. Please email support@webpt.com the following:

We will link the notes for you and email you once completed. You will then need to have the therapist addend the evaluative note, finalize, and rebill. 

I have the Outcomes Measurement Tool selected but getting "Outcomes required" error. What should I do?

Verify the Outcomes Insurance Setting is selected, and choose one of the listed Outcomes from the drop-down menu. 

If Outcomes are not required for the specified insurance you may uncheck this from the appropriate insurance setting.  

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