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Visits KPI

Visits are the basis for measuring productivity in the rehab therapy industry. This ties to every metric on the KPI dashboard, so experiencing visit volatility will impact every other measurement, directly or indirectly. Ultimately, visits correlate to dollars, so if you’re having trouble getting patients in the door consistently, you’re going to have a hard time generating steady revenue for your clinic.

Click on this chart to open the By Clinic comparison chart for Visits. You’ll be able to see a breakdown of this data by clinic and export the results.

What is a visit?

Visits: This is the total number of finalized notes with a Date of Service within the selected date range. Excludes no-charge visits. This includes finalized notes for both SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 Data.

Strategies for Management

While the visit number itself isn’t too powerful without context, coupling visits with time-frames and other indicators can tell us many things about organizational and clinic productivity.

  • Calculate the value of each visit. Use expected visits and the value of each visit to create monthly, quarterly, and annual projections.
  • Use visits to better understand staffing and appointment requirements, as well as facility hours.

Data Requirements

There are a few things to remember about the visit data. To count towards the report, each of the following must be true:

  • The note must be billable (no-charge visits are excluded).
  • The note must be finalized.
  • The note status must be active or pending (not inactive or deleted). This will capture pending finalized discharge notes.
  • The case status must be active or discharged. 

Therapist Attribution

The person who forwarded the note—called the Documenting Therapist in Analytics—will get credit for the visit in the reporting. This typically occurs when the documenting therapist is an assistant user type. If the note was never forwarded, the person who finalizes the note will be allocated the visit.

Data Best Practices

Follow the link for all recommend Analytics Data Collection Best Practices.

  • Ensure notes are finalized in a timely manner.
  • Keeping an eye out for missed notes.  Tip: If you use WebPT’s Scheduler, you can always reference the Missed Note Report in the EMR to ensure that all scheduled visits have an associated finalized note.
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