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Missed Notes Report

The Missed Notes Report ensures notes are completed for each scheduled patient visit by comparing the patient name and case in a scheduled appointment to the patient name and case in the patient chart. We recommend running this report daily either at the beginning of the day or end of the day, depending on your clinic's preference.


  • It is important that appointments and notes are created and align in the same case and that there is a note finalized for each Date of Service. 
  • If an appointment is marked No Show or Cancel from the appointment on the Scheduler, the patient will not show in the report. The report will clear when notes are finalized or by using the appointment action buttons to indicate a cancel/no show in an appointment.
  • If you run the report and nothing populates on the report, this means there are no missing notes.

Any patients documented in SOAP 2.0 will not appear on this report. Please use the Missed Notes report in Analytics. Click here for a list of all reports that don't include SOAP 2.0 data and the Analytics report you should use instead.

  1. Click Missed Notes Report in the Reports menu.                                                          
  2. Select Start Date, End Date, and whether to include All Clinic Patients in the report.
  3. Click Generate Report

Note: Click on the patient name to link directly into the case the appointment was scheduled in.

Doc Status

Missing - means the note was never started for the appointment or the note was started on a different case.

In the event, the report shows a patient that has a note for the date of service, verify the appointment was scheduled for the correct case by viewing Previous Appointments from the patient chart and confirm a Note was started for the Date of Service.

Draft - means that the note was started but left open. This is generally accepted as there is usually a good reason as to why it was left open. Another reason why a patient may show up on this report is if the patient canceled the appointment, but the cancellation was not noted in the EMR using the Appointment Actions in the Scheduled Appointment.

Column Descriptions

Column Description
Patient Name Last and First name of the patient
Therapist Case Therapist initials 
Doc Status Missing vs. Draft
Appt Date Scheduled appointment date

Have therapists with the same initials?

You can easily add a middle initial to distinguish their accounts by completing these steps

  1. Update the Full Name field to include the middle initial in the User Manager
  2. Update the calendar names from the Calendar Settings and User Permissions section to also include the middle initial
  3. Check out this article for more detailed steps. 
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