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DME Cases

In order to successfully bill DME, or Durable Medical Equipment, for reimbursement, a specific Medicare DME payer must be set up correctly in WebPT Billing. If this payer was not created during onboarding, please email edi.help@webpt.com. Please include the Medicare DME PTAN and NPI used for billing in the request. 

Medicare DME Insurance

You must add a DME payer into the WebPT EMR in order for the payer to be mapped to the correct insurance in WebPT Billing. 

  1. Click Add Insurance from the Insurance Manager.
  2. Create your Medicare DME payer, following the standard Add Insurance instructions. We recommend selecting Medicare as the insurance Type.

Creating the DME Case

Next, you’ll need to associate the new DME payer with the patient and their case.

  1. Open the Patient Info section of the patient’s chart.
  2. Click on Add Insurance.
  3. Locate the DME payer and add it to the patient’s chart.
  4. Next, click Add Case.
  5. Be sure to select the DME payer as the Primary Insurance for the case.
  6. Complete the case details and save the patient. 

Documenting DME

We recommend using the Orthosis Fabrication note type for documenting DME cases.

Within the Billing tab of an Initial Examination or Objective tab of a Daily Note, include the DME CPT Code in the Custom CPT Code box.

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