Plan of Care Alerts

Plan of Care alerts allow you to more effectively track expiring and expired plans of care, ensuring that you are not finalizing documentation outside of the patient’s POC date range. Please note that these settings and alerts only apply to Medicare insurance types.

First, let’s look at the company settings.

Company Settings

You can customize when your clinic will receive the expiration notice for a patient’s plan of care in the Company Settings. This defaults to 7 days, but company administrators can adjust this to the number of days that work best for their company. Please note that this will impact the company as a whole and cannot be adjusted to different date ranges for individual clinics.

  1. Click to open your clinic drop-down menu and select Company Settings
  2. Set your Plan of Care Alerts days. For example, if you input 7 days, you will start receiving the expiring Plan of Care alert 7 days prior to the end of the patient’s plan of care.       
  3. Save.

Plan of Care Alerts in Patient Chart

The Plan of Care dates appear in the patient demographics section. These are pulled directly from the Plan of Care dates from the most recent evaluative note (IE/PN/RE).

Expiring Alert

When a patient’s plan is nearing its expiration date, you will be reminded that the plan is expiring and the alert includes the expiration date. You will still be able to document normally until the POC expires.

Expired Alert

When a patient’s plan of care has expired you will get the following alert.

If you try to add a Daily Note, you will receive the following popup. You will still be able to add Daily Notes for dates prior to the expiration, but you cannot add a daily note for a date of service after the POC expiration date. You will need to create a Progress Note and establish new plan of care dates. Please note, you will be permitted to complete a Quick Discharge with a date of service outside of the POC date range.

Unsigned POC

Before a POC is signed and uploaded into eDocs, the corresponding record will display Upload Physician Signature. If the POC has been faxed, an icon will also be displayed that related to the status of the fax.

Signed POC

When a signed Plan of Care is returned and uploaded to the chart via eDoc the action drop-down menu will show View PDF and a pencil icon will appear.

At A Glance Alerts

You can also track expired and expiring plans of care from the At a Glance section of the dashboard. Click to open a list of all patients with expired or expiring plans of care.

Scheduler Alerts

If a patient has an expiring or expired plan of care, a POC icon will appear in the patient’s appointment and on the agenda.

Appointment Alerts

Expired alerts will appear as a red POC icon.

Expiring alerts will appear as a blue POC icon.

Agenda Alerts

The agenda alerts mirror the appointment alerts. Red POC icon indicates an expired plan of care, and a blue POC icon means a plan of care is expiring.

Icon Visibility

Remember, Calendar Admins can choose which icons appear in the appointment and on the agenda by going to Manage Calendars and clicking Clinic Settings. Use the checkboxes to make your selections. The icons will default to on.