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Company Settings


Complexity Coding

Determine whether you want to require complexity-based coding in the evaluative documentation. This will prevent a note from being finalized if each complexity section is not completed. For more information on complexity coding, click here.

Note: This setting will affect all companies that share a Tax ID.

Additional Modifiers

Add additional modifiers for use when indicating services for billing. For more information about additional modifiers and their setup, click here.

Note: The additional modifier setting must also be turned on in the payer's insurance settings. 

Initial Exam Case Copy

Allow therapists to copy the most recently finalized evaluative note to a new case for the same patient. The Evaluative Note Import feature will automatically be set to Off for all clinics. Learn more.

Plan of Care Alerts

Set the number of days prior to the patient's POC expiration date to begin receiving alerts. Read more about POC alerts.

Payer Rules

You can always defer to the Primary Payer or always defer to the 8-minute Rule. This allows you to determine how your organization wants to handle situations where the primary and secondary payers follow conflicting rules.

Gender Identity and Pronouns

The ability to capture patients’ preferred names, pronouns, and gender identity is turned On by default. Select the Off button if you do not wish to capture patients’ preferred names, pronouns, and gender identities.

DPI Data Into Patient Info

Allows Data to import directly into the patient chart when using Digital Patient Intake. This will default to On when using this feature, select Off if you do not want data to import to the patient chart.

PDF Configurations (SOAP 1.0 Only)

Checking the box to Remove Displayed Insurance or Remove Displayed Referring Physician customizes the information contained in the patient Note PDF. Altering this setting WILL NOT apply to already finalized notes because 1.0 PDFs are generated and saved in the WebPT database at the time of finalization. For those PDFS, the information will remain on the PDF unless an addendum is completed. 

Medicare Plan of Care Enforcement (SOAP 1.0 Only)

The Medicare Plan of Care Enforcement setting helps providers comply with the Federal Medicare 90-day Plan of Care requirements.

These requirements include the need to establish new Plan of Care dates to continue treating and billing for visits dated beyond the POC end date. Checking this setting will prevent the finalization of any Daily Notes with a Date of Service either:

  • Outside of the most recent certification period (if less than 90 days).
  • 90 days beyond the Plan of Care Start Date.
Note: It is not recommended to use this setting if you treat state-level Medicare patients since State Medicare requirements may not follow the same rules.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication helps to keep your clinic's data secure. When this setting is on, users will be required to provide an additional piece of information beyond their username and password to gain access to the WebPT EMR.

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