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Clinic Settings Overview

Manage your clinic settings by clicking on your Clinic Name (Company drop-down) at the top right of the WebPT Dashboard. Users with Clinic Admin permissions have access to Clinic Settings. 

From the EMR Dashboard, click the company drop-down menu and select Clinic Settings.

Click the link to review the setting details


You can use the Password Expiration drop-down to change the password expiration time frame to expire every 30, 60, or 90 days. 

Prescription Alerts

You can use the Prescription Alert (Days in Advance) of expiration and Prescription Alert (Visits) before expiration to set your default alerts for prescriptions. These alerts appear in the patient chart and in the At A Glance section of the dashboard. For more information on managing prescription alerts in SOAP 2.0, click here

Dashboard Alerts

Turn on Agenda Note Status Icons to see if notes are started or completed right on the Agenda. For more information on Agenda Icons, click here.

Scheduler Alerts

Turn On Enable Same-Day Appointment Alerts in the Scheduler to display a notification if you attempt to schedule an appointment for a patient who already has an appointment for that same day.

Therapist Assistant Note Finalization

The Therapist Assistant Note Finalization setting default is On for all clinics and is one of three required permissions that must be turned on to allow assistant finalization (in conjunction with the user and insurance-level permissions). When the setting is Off, assistants cannot finalize notes even if the insurance and user-level permissions are turned on.

Therapist Assistant Supervision Verbiage

The Therapist Assistant Supervision Verbiage setting allows you to choose preselected verbiage when an assistant forwards a note to a therapist for cosigning. The preselected text appears on the SOAP note "Documentation was review and approved by the therapist supervising the treatment". Select from the following options in the drop-down menu below.

Medicare Threshold Alerts System

Turn On the Medicare Threshold Alerts System to access the different alerts; when you turn it Off, the other options will not be available to select. Once it is turned On, choose which of the three alerts to enable for your clinic.

  • Medicare Threshold Alerts: Alert in the patient chart when the patient is approaching the Medicare Threshold.
  • Manual Medicare Review Alerts: Alert in the patient chart when a patient is approaching the Manual Medicare Review Amount.
  • Medicare Threshold Display on Scheduler: Shows Medicare threshold amounts on Scheduler appointments.

For more information on the Medicare Threshold Alerts and Fee Schedule, click here

Medicare Fee Schedule

Select a Regional Location and Select a Facility Type for your clinic. Even if you don't treat Medicare patients, complete this section to avoid a persistent login prompt.


These settings apply to members who have purchased WebPT Outcomes

  • Require completion of an Outcome Measurement Tool (OMT) for all patients (excludes speech therapists): If turned On, PTs and OTs are required to select an OMT from the drop-down for Initial Exams, Re-exams, Progress Notes, and Discharges. These notes cannot be finalized using any other OMT.
  • Note: SLPs can finalize the document with any OMT. 
  • Show entire OMT questionnaire when clicking on OMT score box: displays the full OMT when the score field is selected and requires each question on the OMT to be answered.
  • Include patient satisfaction, functional activity, and goal progress questions with the OMT: set to On by default, this option allows patients to report on their satisfaction, functional activity, and goal progression.
  • For more information on Outcomes Settings, click here


Select the Submitting Facility and Bill Classification from the Type of Bill drop-downs. This section also displays the current UB-04 configuration for the clinic.

Place of Service

Indicate the Default Place of Service this is where the majority of your services are provided (i.e. Office) for this clinic location. You can also allow users to change the Place of Service on individual cases and documentation.

Billing Application Settings

Select the Send Patient Payment Information to Billing Application, as well as Select Payment Types to Send to Billing Application to send payment data to your billing application and which types of payments are sent.

AdvancedMD Settings

Use these settings to Send Patient Identification to AdvancedMD and Send Patient Payment Information to AdvancedMD, as well as Select Payment Types to Send to AdvancedMD to send patient identification and payment data to AdvancedMD. For more information on AdvancedMD and these settings, click here

Note: These settings are only used for our WebPT Members integrated with AdvancedMD and will affect all clinics within a company.

Integration Setting

Use this setting to indicate if your billing partner accepts CPT codes with zero units entered. For more information click here.

Important: Clinics integrated with WebPT Billing must have this setting Off.


  • Require referrals to be collected for every patient: when turned on, the Marketing Referral field becomes required on the case when Referred by Physician is set to No.
  • Require the Primary Treatment Clinic to be collected for all patient cases: if required, the Primary Treatment Clinic field will automatically be populated with a drop-down that will allow you to select a different clinic.

Quick Add Patients

Use the Quick Add Patient form to add a patient with as little or as much information as you have and get them scheduled for an appointment. Coupled with the Prevent Note Finalization functionality, Quick Add is an excellent option for rapid patient creation without negatively impacting billing.

The Prevent Note Finalization setting stops therapists from finalizing notes for patients with incomplete patient records.

  • WebPT Billing or Therabill Members: Prevent Note Finalization is automatically enabled when Quick Add is turned On, you will not see the setting as shown below.
  • Other Members: You can choose to enable Prevent Note Finalization if desired.

Group NPI for Electronic Benefit Verification

Add your Group NPI number when using Group eligibility for Electronic Benefit Verification.

Set your Default Patient Status and Default Case Status for the Patient Search functions for the User Types of Therapist, Assistant, Clerical, and Student. WebPT recommends Clerical users are set to All for the Default Patient Status.

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