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Reports Crosswalk

These changes are currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members and will be gradually rolled out in the future.

Many of the reports in the Reports section of the WebPT EMR will not show SOAP 2.0 data. These reports have been or will be replaced by Analytics Reports which include SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 data. If your clinic uses only SOAP 2.0, you will be redirected to Analytics. Ensure that you have the Analytics Access permission to access these reports.

Important: Analytics reports are updated every two hours, and are not real-time. The KPI Dashboard updates nightly.

Administrative Discharges are counted as visits in the KPI metrics. Therefore the calculated KPIs such as Units per Visit and Visits per Discharge are skewed. 

Reports Moved to Analytics

Legacy EMR Report Analytics Report Name Location Notes
Prescription Report Prescriptions Analytics > Reports > Visits > Prescriptions • Does not link with eDocs
Referral Report Referrals Analytics > Reports > Referrals • Displays patient names, case attached to the referral, and case information. The date pulls from the case creation date in Analytics.
Lost Patient Log Patient Case Status
Analytics > Reports > Visits > Patient Case Status How to filter the report:
• Date Range applied to the last appointment for patients
• Filter Next Scheduled Appointment = “blank”
• Mainly used to track patients that have not scheduled their next appointment who had their last appointment within the specified date range
Billing Report Documented Units by Payer, Documented Units by Clinic, Documented Units Analytics > Reports > Documented Units > Documented Units by Payer or Documented Units by Clinic or Documented Units • For CPT codes and Units, use the Documented Units Report
• For the ICD-10 codes and Case Name, use the Patient Notes Report
Payment Log Payment Log or continue using the existing 1.0 report.
Analytics > Reports > Visits > Payment Log

• Will only show Date of Service. Patient Payments displays the date of the transaction

Plan of Care Report Plan of Care Analytics >Reports > Visits > Plan of Care

• Filter data by Certification End Date or Signature Required By Date

Medicare Threshold Report Medicare Threshold
Analytics > Reports > Visits > Medicare Threshold • Displays amount for the single visit, total used, and amount remaining
Productivity Report Notes by Clinic
Analytics > Reports > Notes > Notes by Clinic, View Data By Therapist • Cannot be filtered other than entering a date range. All based on finalized notes
Missed Notes Report Missed Notes
Analytics > Reports > Notes > Missed Notes • Has 1.0 and 2.0 data
• Patients with a 2.0 case will continue to show on the 1.0 report
• Missed Notes displays notes that have not been opened at all
• Open Notes displays notes that are in a draft state for a DOS in that date range
• If a patient with a finalized note is shown, the Analytics report will notify you of any appointment, note, or case errors
Fax Log Outbound Fax Log SOAP 2.0 Record Page > Documentation drop-down > Outbound Fax Log • Displays faxed 2.0 notes
Ending Authorizations Authorizations
Analytics > Reports > Visits > Authorization • Date Range is based on expirations

WebPT EMR Reports

The following reports will continue to be accessible through the WebPT EMR. 

Legacy EMR Report Location Notes
MPA Report (Medicare Performance Adjustment Report)
EMR Dashboard Reports Menu No longer required.
FL Report (Functional Limitation Report)
EMR Dashboard Reports Menu No longer required.
Claims Feed Report
EMR Dashboard Reports Menu
The Transmission Reconciliation mode will show SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 data.
Document Portal Log
EMR Dashboard Reports Menu No longer required.
Reminder Log
EMR Dashboard Reports Menu Not impacted by documentation method.
Outcomes Reports
EMR Dashboard Reports Menu Outcomes reporting contains any of the supported outcomes completed in 1.0 or 2.0 as long as all report reporting parameters are met (i.e. complete data set)

New to Analytics?

Check out these resources to get started:

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