Medicare-Compliant Features

Let’s review the Medicare-compliant features in SOAP 2.0. These apply to patients with Medicare listed as the primary or secondary insurance on their case.

Medicare Plans of Care

  • Plans of Care can be created on Initial Evaluation or Progress Notes. Notes, where a Plan of Care was created, will show a Certification or Re-Certification on the note type.
  • You’ll receive an alert on the patient’s SOAP 2.0 chart when:
  • When a Medicare plan of care is expired, you have two options:
    • Create a Daily Note within the valid Plan of Care range 
    • Complete a Re-Certification Progress Note to update the Plan of Care dates

Medicare-Compliant Documentation

  • A Progress Note will be required after nine Daily Notes are finalized to comply with Medicare documentation requirements. The Daily Note option will be disabled until a Progress Note is finalized.
  • A Standardized Test must be completed. Click here for a list of all Medicare-required fields in the documentation.
  • Medicare certifications can only be completed on evaluative notes. To complete a Medicare Certification or Re-certification, select the “This note is a Medicare Certification” checkbox on an Initial Evaluation, or the “This note is a Medicare Re-Certification” checkbox on a Progress Note.
  • Charge Summary
    • 8-Minute Rule validation in the Charge Summary. 
    • CO/CQ modifiers for assistant-provided services. Click here to learn more.
    • When the KX/GA modifier is selected on the patient's case, then the respective modifier will automatically be applied to all charges added to a note. In order to ensure compliance with Medicare regulations, these modifiers cannot be unselected.

Medicare Threshold

An alert will display in SOAP 2.0 if a therapist is approaching or exceeding the Targeted Medical Review Threshold guidelines for Medicare ($2,080.00). Add the KX or GA modifier to dismiss the alert. Click here to learn more.