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Plan of Care Alerts for Commercial Payers (Non-Medicare)

You can track expired Plans of Care for patients with commercial (non-Medicare) insurances. You’ll receive an expired Plan of Care Alert on the patient’s 2.0 chart for all payers as long as you complete the Plan of Care Effective Dates within the patient documentation. 

Adding Plan of Care Dates Subsection to Notes

There are two ways you can do this: 

  1. Company Templates: Create or update your Company Templates to include the Plan of Care Dates subsection within the Initial Evaluation and Progress Note types for each discipline. This will automatically load the Plan of Care Dates subsection for each IE or PN for that discipline. These will not be required fields. 
  2. Profiles: Create a Plan of Care dates profile that can be loaded onto individual notes, so that Plans of Care can be tracked when needed. These will not be required fields. 
    1. Build your profile, including the Plan of Care Dates subsection. Save.
    2. Load the profile onto your note and establish Plan of Care dates.
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