System-Generated and Custom Alerts

Manage custom and system-generated alerts from the Patient’s 2.0 record page. All patient-specific alerts display within the Alerts Drawer. 

View alerts by clicking on the Alerts Badge.

System-Generated Alerts

  • Authorization Alerts: Receive alerts when the patient has an authorization ending in 2 visits, the number of units falls below 10 (SOAP 2.0 only), or within 7 days.
  • Prescription Alerts: Receive alerts when the patient has an expiring prescription based on the data entered for the Days Prior and Visits Prior fields when adding the prescription. 
  • Medicare Threshold Alerts: Receive alerts when the patient is approaching or has exceeded the Targeted Medical Review Threshold. 
  • Plan of Care Alerts: Receive alerts when the patient has an expiring plan of care. This alert displays for both Medicare and Non-Medicare patients as long as the Plan of Care dates were added to the evaluation.
  • Needs Progress Note Alerts: *This feature is in Limited Release. Receive alerts once 9 Daily Notes have been completed or 30 days have passed since the last evaluative note. The Create Note button will prompt you to create a Progress Note. However, a Daily Note can still be completed from the drop-down menu — with the exception of Medicare patients.

Create a Custom Alert

Use custom alerts to include important safety information or patient info.

To create a custom alert:

  1. Open the Alerts Drawer, and click Add Alert.
  2. Choose an Alert Type from the drop-down.
  3. Enter a (1) Description and click (2) Apply. 
  4. The alert displays in the Alerts Drawer. Click on the Alert type to update.
  5. You can edit or delete the alert from this pop-up.