Print and Batch Print (SOAP 2.0)

You can view and print your notes as PDFs.

Print and Batch Print

Unable to Create PDF Error

There is a limit to the number of pages you can batch print at one time. We recommend printing no more than 30 pages in a single batch. If you receive the Unable to Create PDF error, try printing a single note. If that resolves the error, break up your original batch into smaller sections.

  1. Select one or more notes using the related checkboxes.
  2. Then, select Print.
  3. Note: The patient’s full name, date of birth, and the date of service will appear in the footer of each page to help identify who this note belongs to in case the printed pages get separated from the first page for any reason.

Print Plan of Care

You can print the patient's Plan of Care from any evaluative note (IE, PN, DS). 

  1. Open the note by clicking on the Date of Service.
  2. Use the (1) Secondary Actions menu (...) and select (2) Print Plan of Care.
  3. A PDF generates with the note's Assessment and Plan sections, along with basic patient demographic information. 
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