Fax and Batch Fax

Let's review how to fax patient notes. 

Faxing a Note

  1. Select the checkbox for the note (or notes) you'd like to fax.
  2. Click the Secondary Action menu (...) and select Fax.

  3. Use the Contact Search field to locate the desired recipient. 

  4. Finish the fax. 
    1. You can enter a custom Message, if needed. 
    2. Choose whether you want to Fax Plan of Care (available for Progress Notes only)
    3. Select the Request physician signature checkbox if you need to request the physician’s signature. This will add a note to the cover sheet that indicates the physician needs to sign the document and includes a signature line on the note. 
    4. When ready, click Send Fax. 
  5. A fax indicator will appear next to your notes to give you quick insight into the status. Simply hover over to reveal. Important: The indicator will turn red if a fax fails.
  6. A cover sheet with the clinic's demographic information and message will be automatically generated.

  7. The patient’s full name, date of birth, and the date of service will appear in the footer of each page to help identify who this note belongs to in case the faxed pages get separated from the cover sheet for any reason.

Fax Plan of Care

You can fax Plans of Care for your finalized Progress Notes. This option allows you to send the Assessment and Plan sections of the note. The Physician signature line will be included by default.

The fax icon label will help you identify whether or not a PoC has been faxed. Once a Plan of Care has been faxed to a referring physician, the fax icon label will appear. 

Batch Fax

Easily fax multiple notes!

  1. Check the box next to each note you want to fax, then use the Secondary Actions Menu (...) to select Fax.
  2. The Fax modal will display how many notes you've selected.